100 Indian Baby Names Starting From M

  100 Indian Baby Names Starting From M The baby name series continues and here is a list of 100 baby names, specifically Indian names starting form M. We hope you get to choose your baby's name from this list.     Boy Names Mohan Manjesh Manju Manjunath Manoj Mithesh Mithelesh Madhu Madhukar Madhusudhan Murari Madhav Manav Manu Mandatha Mukund Manik Manikant Madan Madhur Madan … [Read more...]

New Boy Names From K and J

Indian baby boy names from K Are you searching for a name for your nelwy born baby boy? Here is a list of names from K we share with you. Hope it helps/ Kanav, kinshuk, kavash, kavish. Kiaan, krish, krishiv, kairav Jihaan Kovid means intelligent brahmin Kanha, … [Read more...]

Indian Baby Names Starting With G

The lists of names never comes to an end. There are so many choices, that one always gets confused in selecting names for their baby. The suggestions that pours from everywhere is never ending. We here also make an attempt to suggest you few Indian Baby names for both boys and girls beginning from 'G'.     List below, Baby Girls Names with … [Read more...]

Baby Names Starting From E

E is a letter where you don’t get too many naming option if you are specific about Indian names. Here I am listing a few of the names that start from E. I hope that this list will be of some help to all those parents who are yet to name their baby.     Baby Girl Names: Ebha Editha Era Eila (Mother Earth) Eesha (Godess Parvathi) Eehana Edna Ena Emma Ektha (Unity) Elina Eshana Eshika Eshitha Eesha (desire) Eshana Ekavalli … [Read more...]

53 Indian Baby Boy Names Starting From P

All parents want a unique name for their babies. We are easing your search and here is our list of some nice names for your baby boy, starting from … [Read more...]

Indian Baby Boy And Girl Names Starting From D

Indian Baby Boy And Girl Names Starting From D Now is the turn of ‘D’. If you have been searching names for new born babies that starts with D, then you have come to the right place. We have a short list of baby names with D here.     Baby Girl Names: Damana Damini Dhana … [Read more...]

Top Baby Boy Names This Year

Hello everyone! We listed down top baby boy names for this year.Hope the list helps out in finding you the best name for your baby … [Read more...]