7 Ways To Prepare Yourself & Your Home For A Baby

7 Ways To Prepare Yourself & Your Home For A Baby Every mother goes through the anticipation of her new born baby's arrival! The wait & the pain is excruciating and it cannot be expressed through any emotion! It can just be felt! You are nervous with how the life will unfold after your baby's arrival but excited to embark on this new journey of life! There is a lot of confusion & hundreds of questions running behind this life changing event! As it is always said by all those … [Read more...]

10 Natural Remedies To Remove Sun Tan From Baby’s Skin

Hello, mums! We love to take care of our baby's skin, right? But before applying anything on the tender and developing baby skin, we need to be cent percent sure about the side effects and results. Chemicals are something which should be on the last of the list when choosing a baby skin care product and so natural remedies are the best in any case. Natural remedies not only give you full results with no damage but also ensures that there is no hole in your pocket. Listing 10 ways in which you … [Read more...]

How To Treat Diaper Rashes & Skin Problems In Babies

By Rhea How To Treat Diaper Rashes & Skin Problems In Babies Diaper rashes are the first introduction to pain and rashes for a baby and they definitely are very scary for them. Even for the mothers, it is very hard to see their loved ones cry in pain. Many a times, it takes days for the rashes to heal completely and till then it just gets heavy on the babies to bear the irritation and pain. There are a lot of treatments you could do for it and heal your baby’s delicate skin. I am sure … [Read more...]

Quick Tips On How To Travel With A Baby

By Rhea Quick Tips On How To Travel With A  Baby Traveling with a baby is actually very tedious and we would not be able to enjoy our trip if we do not pre-plan it and be prepared for every kind of problem that the kid might face. We would also not be able to live in peace if our little ones do not feel good. Sometimes it so happens that kids feel out of place outside as they are more habitual of being in their homes. For these kinds of kids, it is all the more necessary to keep them … [Read more...]

Ways To Prevent Diaper Rashes In Babies

Ways To Prevent Diaper Rashes In Babies The prime focus of every mother is that her child always stays happy, cheerful and comfortable. Bed wetting is one common issue with children. This is why most mothers ensure that their babies wear diapers so that they stay dry for long. There are natural ways of preventing bed wetting in older children but if the child is too small you have to use diapers. They help in keeping the baby dry when he/she is asleep. However, the biggest problem with using … [Read more...]

Vegetable Soup Recipes For Your Toddler

Vegetable Soup Recipes For Your Toddler Stuti Khurana Vegetable soups are health in a bowl. They are a great way to sneak in all the vegetables into your baby & provide the necessary nutrition. We take a look at the various recipes which you can use to feed your little one. Beetroot Carrot Soup This is a great recipe to feed your toddler. Carrots, as we all know, are rich in Vitamin A & beetroot adds in fiber. This is a colorful & mildly sweet soup which your baby will love. … [Read more...]

Baby Skincare Regime This Winter Season

Baby Skincare Regime This Winter Season As the winter season is fast approaching, a major concern for new mothers is to take care of their baby;'s skin in an effective manner so that the climatic conditions don't effect the newborn baby's delicate skin! Baby skincare during winters is not limited to only during the chilly months but begins so before that when the weather starts changing, nights become cold and the skin starts stretching! We always keep our skincare regime updated even before … [Read more...]

How To Take Care Of Baby Dry Scalp

How To Take Care Of Baby Dry Scalp It is a commonly observed situation with many babes between the age of 3-6 months and sometimes even more! New mothers need not worry about this commonly prevailing condition and should be aware of the ways in which they can tackle too much dryness on the babies scalp. The common dry scalp is given a term cradle cap which is a characteristic situation in which the child's scalp has dry flaky dandruff like patches which tend to strip away like dandruff and is a … [Read more...]

5 Fun Ways To Teach Alphabet To Your Babies

5 Fun Ways to teach alphabet to your babies As a parent it is very easy for us to say that we want our kids to learn ABC and 123a��s before they join kindergarten, but the question arises that how do we do it? How do we make our restless children learn these things fast? Is there any specific time when I should try teaching them the basics? What if my kid is not at all interested in learning such things? How to make learning ABCa��s fun? Often Parents It is a lot easier as one may think it to … [Read more...]

Home Away From Home: Being An Indian Mom In A Foreign Land

Being a mom is not easy – you know that, for sure. Being a mom away from your home country in a land that is still alien to you in very many ways, without any immediate support structure in terms of family and familiarity – is even more difficult. However, with the right attitude, positive energy, and an understanding and cooperative spouse, one can make the new chapter that motherhood brings joyful and rewarding under any circumstance. I am an Indian mom, currently based out of the … [Read more...]