Himalaya Nourishing Baby Soap Honey & Milk Review

Hey everyone! Skin of infants is extremely sensitive and requires the utmost care. Cleaning babies with plain water is not sufficient and mild soap is required. Soaps or body wash is one of the essential toiletries we buy for our babies. Nothing smells sweeter than a baby fresh out of the bath. But have you ever looked at the ingredients of most baby soaps? It’s really scary. With the huge variety of baby soaps to choose from, it becomes hard to decide which one to pick. And these days, … [Read more...]

Survival Guide For A New Mother

Survival Guide For A New Mother   Whether you are waiting for your soon-to-be-born or have just returned from hospital with your bundle of joy, you are in for a lot of surprises. Whatever you have read or heard about life after a baby can be super-useful for you if you are lucky but there is a high chance that all that will turn out to be trash. The truth is that you and your baby will be your best teacher in coping with life after a baby.   Here are some things that may … [Read more...]