Warning Your Child About Abuse: How Do You Do It??

Child Abuse I was about 7 or 8yrs when I recall the first incident. I remember being scared to go to a particular store right below our flat because an 'uncle' there would give me the creeps. He'd brush against me and touch me weirdly when my parents weren't looking and it just weirded me out. I never told my parents because it was a shop we always went to and well...who'd expect an old uncle to do anything wrong right?? WRONG! Next I was about 11 when I had a stalker of sorts. He'd be … [Read more...]

Instant Cornflakes Recipe For Babies – Baby Food While Travelling

Food Recipes Indian When babies cross the age of first year, it normally becomes easy to feed babies. Easy in the sense, there are a variety of healthy options that can be included in the baby’s diet chart. For babies below one year, there are very few options in their diet. I have an easy instant recipe of corn flakes to share with you all. This is my daughter’s daily demanded time pass bowl. And I find this one easy option too when I am traveling. I stuff in the below items in to my … [Read more...]

How To Reduce Toxins Exposure To Babies

Toxins Exposure In Babies Let’s face it -When a baby is born, so is her mother. At least that’s what our scriptures say. But this reincarnation of the mother is completely different from the girl she used to be- careless and least bothered. Suddenly as a new mom you find yourself reading labels, worrying about germs, trying to protect your baby and buying all kinds of fancy products to ensure her safety. However, there’s a catch to it.  Most of the stuff we won’t dream of deeming harmful is … [Read more...]