Instant Cornflakes Recipe For Babies – Baby Food While Travelling

Food Recipes Indian When babies cross the age of first year, it normally becomes easy to feed babies. Easy in the sense, there are a variety of healthy options that can be included in the baby’s diet chart. For babies below one year, there are very few options in their diet. I have an easy instant recipe of corn flakes to share with you all. This is my daughter’s daily demanded time pass bowl. And I find this one easy option too when I am traveling. I stuff in the below items in to my … [Read more...]

Poppy-Seeds & Carrot Dessert for Babies

  Carrot is considered to be an  important  vegetable in baby’s food. The numerous health benefits carrot gives when consumed can just not be side lined. For each baby taste differs. Some babies like and some don’t. When babies don’t like the healthiest food, it becomes our responsibility to make sure it is made like able. Thus comes the art of altering the original taste. Here is a sweet porridge prepared from carrot and poppy seeds. Poppy seeds are also a rich source of calcium. … [Read more...]

Oats Recipes For Babies (12 Months And Above)

  I have grown up eating oats and it was more of a diet  staple .We were served plain oats with milk and I remember how I  use to get bored of them. (I think my mother did not know how to make it interesting. :-P).Still my mom was very particular about it  and insisted us to have it. Since I was introduced to oats, I feel it is best to introduce oats to my child too.Oats/oatmeal has very high nutrition and so I consider it to be must include in baby’s diet chart. Oats in its … [Read more...]