Ways To Avoid Sugar In Your Kid’s Daily Diet

Ways To Avoid Sugar In Your Kid's Daily Diet Hello Everyone, Off late one of the most common diseases I have been hearing about is that of diabetes and that too in youngsters. Most of the health specialists believe that the sedentary lifestyle is the reason behind all of this. Most working people in the cities are prone to these early symptoms of diabetes. Also a lot of us are dependent of packaged food & drinks due to paucity of time which is not a healthy choice for the daily … [Read more...]

Food Ideas For 12+ Months Old Babies

Food Ideas For 12+ Months Old Babies Generally babies start having solid food other than milk after the completion of 6 months! As the baby grows the different requirements of the body in growth and development is compensated by the changing food recipes after each month! Subsequently the baby starts developing teeth and more solid forms of food can be given to them depending upon the digestive capability of the baby! Here I will be sharing few recipes which are easy to digest and extremely … [Read more...]

5 Puree & Store Baby Food Recipes

5 Puree & Store Baby Food Recipes Fruit and vegetable purees can be given to babies after they turn 6 months old. Before introducing any new food, you must consult with a pediatrician. Purees can be made using a single fruit or vegetable or you can mix them with other purees. Milk or oatmeal can be used for variation as well. For busy mothers, it can be a task to make purees daily but you can refrigerate them or even freeze them for using later. How to Freeze Purees Make any puree and … [Read more...]

5 Potato Recipes For Toddlers

5 Potato Recipes For Toddlers 1-Quick & Easy Potato Fries- Potatoes (2 medium, sliced lengthwise) Olive oil Black Pepper Powder (1 tsp) Cumin Powder (1tsp) Table salt ( 1 pinch)   Method Of Preparation- Pre-heat oven to 220 degree centigrade Take the sliced potatoes. It is optional to keep the skin or not as per your kid's preference. Wash them under running water. Now spread the potato slices on the baking tray evenly. Spray 1-2 tbsp of olive oil on it … [Read more...]

15 Must Know Toddler Food Recipes

15 Must Know Toddler Food Recipes Hello Mommies, What was the latest recipe you tried for your little one? I guess every mom must have tried making a new & interesting dish for their kids! Well, if by any chance you didn't tried anything new since a while, here are 15 recipes for toddlers which every mom should know  to prepare for their toddlers. So, lets get started with these recipes. 1- Creamy Cauliflower Soup Cauliflower florets (8-10) Medium carrot ( peeled & … [Read more...]

Yummy Banana Pancakes For Kids/Toddlers Step By Step

Yummy Banana Pancakes For Kids/Toddlers Step By Step Bananas are very nutritious and kids love them too. You can give them to your kids in various ways like smoothies, cakes, muffins etc.Here is how I make banana pan caker although my daughter have just few bites but I love making different things for her and for the baby blog .:)   If your kid likes sweets then you can make banana pancakes for them which are delicious and fulfilling at the same time.  Banana Pancakes … [Read more...]

Pearl Barley Recipe – First Food for Babies (6 months)

Pearl Barley Recipe – First Food for Babies (6 months)   Babies have very tiny stomach. So, it is important to make whatever they eat very nutritious. Early days, breast milk gives relief to their hunger. But as days pass, only breast milk is not sufficient. But they do not have the teeth to chew yet, and can hardly swallow even the tiny lump. Digestion also comes into consideration. Feeding babies at this stage has to be made cautiously. Semi solid foods are the choice that comes … [Read more...]

Carrot Soup Recipes For Babies

 Carrot Soup Recipes For Babies Winter demands everything warm. A bowl of warm soup can help a lot after a stroll in the play garden in the cold freezing weather. I never miss to use carrots in my daughter’s diet. There are many ingredients which keeps the body warm naturally. Using these ingredients can help keep cold and cough away in this season.     My daughter is sweet toothed. And for a change this is not a sweet tasting soup. Ingredients:Carrot … [Read more...]

Is Fish Good for Babies?

As a mother of eight I have realised how important is ones childa��s health. Their behaviour and health is affected by what they eat for better or worse. Of course a parent knows how important a balanced diet is, consisting of full whole grains, vegetables and lean protein but when it comes to toddlers, we often forget the importance of fishes in their diet. Parents dona��t seem to take it as a a�?babya�? food. Over the years I have researched about the benefits of fishes in our diet and have … [Read more...]

Rice & Yellow Mung Bean Winter Kichdi for Babies

Rice is the first food for most babies in India. You have heard of Anna-prashana; that is an auspicious day of introducing rice to the baby for the first time. Until that day, rice would never have been given to the baby. This is Indian Hindu tradition. Many times, when rice is being prepared for babies or even toddlers, it will be over cooked and made mashy like a kichdi. This is to ensure proper swallowing and digestion too. Any additional healthy ingredients would also be added along with … [Read more...]