70 Pairs Of Rhyming Names For Twins

  70 Pairs Of Rhyming Names For Twins Naming twins or triplets is very exciting for every parent. Naming a individual baby is so challenging. When it  is more babies together, then naming becomes even more difficult. Quite a lot of queries and confusions revolve around the parent's mind. Should the names rhymes? Should the  name begin with the same initial? Or should they mean same? Or rather should they contrast? Well, rhyming names is the most common option parents decide for their … [Read more...]

100 Indian Baby Names Starting From M

  100 Indian Baby Names Starting From M The baby name series continues and here is a list of 100 baby names, specifically Indian names starting form M. We hope you get to choose your baby's name from this list.     Boy Names Mohan Manjesh Manju Manjunath Manoj Mithesh Mithelesh Madhu Madhukar Madhusudhan Murari Madhav Manav Manu Mandatha Mukund Manik Manikant Madan Madhur Madan … [Read more...]

20 Bollywood Baby Names with Meanings

Bollywood Baby Names with Meanings All would be parents are always in search of some unique yet meaningful names for their kids. Our Bollywood stars are no different than normal parents and choose the names of their off springs with care and after much research. I have put together the names of some famous star kids and hope that the parents looking for some new names will find this list useful. Kajol and Ajay Devgan have a daughter, Nysa and a son Yug. Nysa means ‘Goddess of purity’ while … [Read more...]

How To Decide Your Baby’s Name

How To Decide Your Baby's Name   The most common concern for new age to be Parents. Even Google is being hounded by the number of Searches it gets everyday rather every minute because every 3 minutes a baby is being born. Now, we all don’t know if that is true but the fact remains that a baby’s name is of national concern especially to the parents and the near and dear ones. Even before the little one is born, all brains get in motion. It’s a to do task on the hubby’s list who … [Read more...]

25 Baby Girl Names Starting From R

25 Baby Girl Names Starting From R   Here we come again with a short list of baby girl names beginning with R. Hope the list is helpful to choose your baby name.     Raisha means goddess Rishima ~ Moon light Raina Rayna Reyna Reva Rianna Ruhani Resha, Riddhima Rhubarb REET Rahi Ruhi Rayma Rubmeher Raina, Reha, Rhea, Ruhani, Rasha ou can find baby names of several other letters here. … [Read more...]

25 Baby Girls Names From The Letter K

25 Baby Girls Names From The Letter K     We bring another list of baby girl names beginning with K to help all the new parents. Hope you find a perfect name for you tiny angel. Kaavya Kheyaira (means princess in arabic) Kyra karuna Keisha Kavya Kiara Khanak Khushi Kimaya (means creation) Kaanchi Keya Kushi Kayna Kashish Kavya Kanika Kriti kashish  Kanika kimaya Kainaat Kaaina Kismet Kiran Ksheera (someone who is brave … [Read more...]

101 Unique Baby Girl Name From “V”

Hi ladies, Here are 101 unique baby names starting from letter V.Hope you like them … [Read more...]

101 Unique Twin Girls Names Indian

If you are blessed with twin girls then here are the name which you can keep for them :).These are beautiful , unique and mostly Indian names. Palak and Mehak Zoya and Zara Mahira and Samaira Ria and Pia Meheka and Myra Myra and Kyra Riddhi and Sidhi Navya Naveli Aaliya and Soniya Ria and Sia Tapur and Tupur (these words describe d sound of rain in bengali) Naira and Naila Ria , Tia and Kia Maya and Kaya Shraddha and Shravani. Keya and Ira Misha and … [Read more...]

25 New Baby Girl Names Starting From Y

If you are looking for a nice and unique name for your daughter that starts from the letter 'Y', check out our list-    Yamika Yuvna  Yoshna  Yuvika Yashika  Yuva  Yashree Yashvi  Yana  Yamini Yashu  Yug  Yashaswini Yogik Yogika  Yashaswi Yazhini(It is Goddess Saraswati's … [Read more...]

New Unique Baby Boy Names Starting from Ch,D And Z

We suggest you some unique names starting from- Ch, D znd Z for your little son- Ch- Chinmay Chirantan Chirag Chirant Chaitra Chand Chirag D-  Daiwik(By god's grace) … [Read more...]