How To Take Care Of Baby Dry Scalp

How To Take Care Of Baby Dry Scalp It is a commonly observed situation with many babes between the age of 3-6 months and sometimes even more! New mothers need not worry about this commonly prevailing condition and should be aware of the ways in which they can tackle too much dryness on the babies scalp. The common dry scalp is given a term cradle cap which is a characteristic situation in which the child's scalp has dry flaky dandruff like patches which tend to strip away like dandruff and is a … [Read more...]

5 Toddler Hair Care Products

  5 Toddler Hair Care Products Hello mommies, How are you all? Looks like time is running very fast, we are heading towards the end of February, imagine two months already over of 2015. Well today I am here to share 5 must try toddler hair care products. A toddler hair care regime is not very intensive and does not involve many hair care products, just a good shampoo and good hair oil does the trick for toddlers. Often usage of natural oils especially olive oil is very common but … [Read more...]

Loreal Kids Tropical Mango Shampoo Review|Toddler Shampoo Review

Loreal Kids Tropical Mango Shampoo Review I would not buy this if she was not stubborn on adding this in our cart. At the store she saw a tiny guy pick this bottle up and stuff it to his cart.. And our tiny lady did not want to leave this bright orange-yellow bottle behind. She did not know what this is. But she wanted because the bottle had an eye in the front. Weird child brain.   About Loreal Kids Tropical Mango Shampoo: … [Read more...]