10 Natural Baby Skin Care Products In India

Hello, mommies! We all love to experiment with our skin and hair care regime but when it comes to our babies, we hardly take chances. Our baby's skin is 3 times softer than ours which calls for some mild and natural products. Chemicals that are present in many baby products tend to make the skin of our babies dry and rough which can cause a variety of skin diseases. India has a number of baby skin and hair care brands and the market is growing at a really fast pace which makes it really a … [Read more...]

8 Remedies For Dry Skin Problems In Babies

New born babies are every sensitive to everything and anything once out of their mother’s womb. One of the main challenge for them is to get adjusted with  the outer environment. The skin being normal is one of the boon for new born infants and with some effort we can always keep our baby skin healthy. As for as my  daughter is concerned she has faced dryness in skin right from birth. She totally inherited my dry skin problem . I had discussed this dry skin issues with every possible … [Read more...]