Sleep Position: What is Safe for Your Baby?

By Sarah Sleep Position: What is Safe for Your Baby? As new parents, it’s often hard to tell the difference between fact and fiction when it comes to all the baby literature out there. Even though we’ve bought all the baby goods and listened to our friends’ advice, it’s not quite enough to stop there. Because we never want to put our babies at risk by simply believing what we’re told; we should do our research first. I’ve heard a lot of myths regarding the best sleeping positions for babies … [Read more...]

4 Rules To Encourage Good Sleep Habits In Your Child

How to encourage good sleep habits in your kid?   Have you been wondering how you could just wave your magic wand and put your child to sleep and consequently, catch a good night's sleep for your good as well? Yes putting an active child to sleep at the right time everyday takes some thought, smart work and consistency! That's all. Now did you say 'It's that easy?' It's not easy but done everyday these tips could transform your otherwise naughty and super active child could really … [Read more...]

10 Great Baby Sleep Solutions

10 great baby sleep solutions Teaching your baby to sleep without making him cry is not a very difficult task as people think it to be. As with any method, what works for one child might not work with some other child. So figuring which one is appropriate for your loved one, a trial and error method must be used in the first instance.     To help you and your kid get the much needed sleep, here follows few simple tricks: Avoid eye contact: The last thing you want to … [Read more...]