Recipe – Fried Capsicum in Toddler’s Soup

Recipe - Fried Capsicum in Toddler's Soup   Have you tried giving capsicum to your child? They are great to taste when added raw or fried. Both different type of tastes. But when added to any soup or salad, the entire set up gets changed. Here is one such attempt of mine. I added fried capsicum along with other Indian spices to my daughter's soup.     Have a look below for the recipe. You will need: Chopped capsicum, chopped tomato, garlic pieces, … [Read more...]

Spinach, Corn and Barley Soup for Toddlers

Spinach, Corn and Barley Soup for Toddlers   Healthy diet is a key word in baby’s growth. Growing brain and body requires everything perfect. Barley and spinach has already been introduced here on Wise She. Read for starter recipes of Barley and Spinach suitable for babies under one year of age. Today, the recipe being presented is for slightly older babies. Who have come over the urge of chewing. It is a best toddler’s spinach, corn and barley soup. Barley can be a part of … [Read more...]

Pearl Barley Recipe – First Food for Babies (6 months)

Pearl Barley Recipe – First Food for Babies (6 months)   Babies have very tiny stomach. So, it is important to make whatever they eat very nutritious. Early days, breast milk gives relief to their hunger. But as days pass, only breast milk is not sufficient. But they do not have the teeth to chew yet, and can hardly swallow even the tiny lump. Digestion also comes into consideration. Feeding babies at this stage has to be made cautiously. Semi solid foods are the choice that comes … [Read more...]