5 Bollywood Celebrity Moms’ Fashion Quotient

5 Bollywood Ceberties Mom's Fashion Quotient   Our Wise She team is full of stylish moms, led by the elegant Anamika. These stylish moms inspire other mothers to never put style on the back-burner even after having a baby. Hindi Film Industry is also full of stylish moms who are never seen with even a hair out of place. It shows that there is no excuse to looking outdated. Always put your best foot forward with some ideas from these style icons- Malaika Arora Khan   The … [Read more...]

Celebrity Mom – Aishwarya Rai

Celebrity Mom:  Aishwarya Rai   My daughter is my greatest blessing-Aishwarya Rai Change is a constant factor in our lives, our choices decide the frequency of changes and these contribute to our growth and experience as human beings.  Needless to say motherhood is one life changing experience, a blessing for which I am thankful to God. Bringing up your baby requires commitment and planning.  From the very start of my career as a model and then as an actor, I have always … [Read more...]

Celebrity Mom – Kajol

Celebrity Mom- Kajol Kids:  They bring out the best in you. The perfect daughter, the perfect wife, mother, perfect at work, society has so many expectations from us women. If you ask me about my mantra, I’d say give everything your best but live your life on your own terms. Living life on your own terms is something which I did from an early age; be it dropping out of school to pursue my career or leaving my career to pursue full time motherhood. Decisions are mine, good or bad and at the … [Read more...]

Celebrity Mom- Twinkle Khanna

New Age motherhood A real privilege it is to be a, Godai??i??s gift to see the tiny hands, the feel of soft skin and hold the tiny bundle in your arms. All said and done about the cool things, motherhood also has its share of uncool things as most mothers are aware of.Ai?? Your body is not the same and you often tend to groan while doing simple movements. Your once elegant home is transformed into an unending mass of diapers and baby clothes and toys, your diet changes are drastic, you are … [Read more...]

Celebrity Mom Sushmita Sen On Motherhood

ai???Follow your heartai??i?? ai??i?? Sushmita Sen Conviction and focus are the key essentials to being a good mother and believe me I needed a lot of that while adopting my first child Renee.Ai?? is traditionally viewed as a resort for couples who are biologically unable to produce their own offspring.Ai?? Imagine the surprise of the authorities when an 18-year old girl applied for the same.Ai?? My application got approved six years later and Renee entered my life. Adoption was personal … [Read more...]