5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Cloth Diapering Your Baby

Benefits of Cloth Diapering   It’s an undeniable fact that cloth is better for the environment. But do you remember those early days when ‘cloth’ + ‘diapering’ meant using those ‘messy’ cloth nappies with a safety pin? Well, thank you ‘those-early-days’ for passing-by. And now it’s the modern diapering system that lets us enjoy some amazing and easy-to-use stuff at an awesome ( I-know-it’s-a-little-expensive-but-worth) prices. I have been cloth diapering both of my girls for many … [Read more...]

Cloth Diapers India

Very few in our country are aware of babies cloth diapers and this is the reason they are not easily available. I got to know about cloth diapers when I was checking out Target's online website. They had a wide variety of cloth diapers and were affordable as well. I have been using cloth diapers since Anvika turned six months old and there are many reasons behind it. With a cloth diaper baby gets potty trained fast. My daughter is now 10 month old and now she is getting bit trained. I … [Read more...]