5 Finger Food Recipes For Toddlers

5 Finger Food Recipes For Toddlers   Finger foods not only satisfy tiny hungers of your toddler they also keep your kiddos busy for a while. Giving cut fruits and vegetables to your kid is easy and good but this may seem boring after a while. You can try these recipes that will be lapped up by kids with both hands- Sweet Potato Fries     You will need Sweet potatoes- 2 Salt and pepper Oil Recipe Boil the sweet potatoes till they are just 40% … [Read more...]

5 Potato Recipes For Toddlers

5 Potato Recipes For Toddlers 1-Quick & Easy Potato Fries- Potatoes (2 medium, sliced lengthwise) Olive oil Black Pepper Powder (1 tsp) Cumin Powder (1tsp) Table salt ( 1 pinch)   Method Of Preparation- Pre-heat oven to 220 degree centigrade Take the sliced potatoes. It is optional to keep the skin or not as per your kid's preference. Wash them under running water. Now spread the potato slices on the baking tray evenly. Spray 1-2 tbsp of olive oil on it … [Read more...]