10 Interesting DIY Project Ideas for Kids

  10 Interesting DIY Project Ideas for Kids Toys are always fun to play with. But there is a saturation point with every new thing for kids. They get bored easily with every toy of theirs. So, to save you from buying new toys every time, here are some of the ideas of homemade games for kids. Cardboard Box     Giving your child a huge cardboard box is a very good idea to keep him busy. Put him inside the box and give him a marker pen. This was you can even save … [Read more...]

7 Ways To Keep A 1 Year Old Toddler Busy

 7 Ways To Keep A 1 Year Old Toddler Busy   I see a lot of moms asking these questions. “I can’t find enough ways to keep my toddler busy. Never a moment’s rest. I have to wait till my baby sleeps, then I get to do my chores, etc.” These are common problems with easy solutions. We just need to think of innovative ways to keep our little ones occupied productively. Since I am a hyper active mom naturally I am always trying to plan ahead. Sometimes I succeed and then again at times I … [Read more...]

Importance Of Play For A Toddler

By Nandini Aravind Importance Of Play For A Toddler If you have found your toddler jumping around acting crazy, playing silly and always engrossed in toys, don’t worry because at this stage play is very important as any other activity. Why is Play so important for a toddler? A toddler is like a sponge absorbing all that is happening around him/her. Their curious minds are always looking to learn something new.  One of the ways by which they learn new things around them is through … [Read more...]

5 Learning Games For Toddlers

5 Learning Games For Toddlers Hello Beautiful moms, Any exciting weekend plans with your toddlers? I am here with a compilation post of some learning games & toys for toddlers reviewed on the Baby Blog to give an idea of gaming options mothers can choose for their tiny tots. These are fun games which are suited to the developing minds of growing kids and are mainly formulated for the learning needs of toddlers in this technology friendly age of gadgets. Counting Learning … [Read more...]