Poppy-Seeds & Carrot Dessert for Babies

  Carrot is considered to be an  important  vegetable in baby’s food. The numerous health benefits carrot gives when consumed can just not be side lined. For each baby taste differs. Some babies like and some don’t. When babies don’t like the healthiest food, it becomes our responsibility to make sure it is made like able. Thus comes the art of altering the original taste. Here is a sweet porridge prepared from carrot and poppy seeds. Poppy seeds are also a rich source of calcium. … [Read more...]

Sprout For Babies|How To Make Dal For Babies

Before reading Chandana post  on sprouts, I was giving dal ka pani to my daughter but her post impressed me and I thought of giving sprouts  to her.I am explaining the sprouting technique which is a little lengthy process but once done, it gives immense satisfaction . All moms must be knowing how it feels when your child has nutritious food which is good for his/her health. I am sprouting moong dal (green gram) here as it can be used in various ways. I soaked the green gram for around 12 hrs … [Read more...]