10 Best Home Remedies For Diaper Rash

Home Remedies for Diaper Rash   Babies are soft. Anyone looking at them can see the tender, fragile skin and know it for the rose-leaf softness that invites a finger's touch. ai??i?? Diana Gobaldon My colleague Sub and her husband Sud were over the moon when their angelic daughter arrived in December last year. The girl was named Av. One day at work Sub was in a sullen mood. Over a cup of tea, she told me little Av was sick. Later she revealed that Av cried the whole night and Sub … [Read more...]

5 Dental Care Tips For Toddlers

By Jayshree Dental Care for Toddlers Your little one might have just begun to get new teeth, but that still requires dental care like we adult. Often, toddlers are not taught to brush their teeth, not given proper dentist equipment or don’t know the time for their toddler to make them brush. Thus, today we have listed few important dental care tips for your toddler's teeth. Dental Care Tips For Toddlers:     1. Preventative Oral Care: The toddler food tastes buds … [Read more...]

10 Baby Pram Safety Tips

That first cry of the newborn sends everyone into a whirlwind of inexplicable and unadulterated joy, with the whole family becoming dizzy too. However, though the tiny bundle of joy adds pure joy to your lives, parenthood also means a bunch of responsibilities and the one that tops the chart is ai??i?? securing the life of your baby every moment and in every aspect. The baby must feel completely secured in your life and family always. Prams play a similar role in the life of a new parent, … [Read more...]

5 Tips To Make Your Toddler’s Bath Enjoyable

It may have been easy for you to train in giving your baby a bath but the situation changes as your baby starts working on his mobility factor. The following lines will help you to make your toddlerai??i??s bathing time a fun-filled one. Add Incentives in the Tub: In case of grooming a toddler it is essential to give importance to small things like the ai???tub-timeai??i??. However, there are times when your child gets distracted and you have to coax him for active participation by filling the … [Read more...]

CBeebies Art Magazine – Kids Magazine

CBeebies Art Magazine - Kids Magazine   If you have introduced your child to CBeebies, then you will know how addictive it is. Even adults get stuck to the channel. I fall into this category. The channel offers entertainment and education series of programmes. The idea is learning through play. There are many television programs that show many DIY craft projects. But crafts and art is real fun when you get it in your hands. This is where CBeebies Art Magazine comes really … [Read more...]

5 Best Tips To Take Care Of Peevish Kids

By Melody How to Take Care of Peevish Kids Your toddler is the apple of your eyes but the way he behaves might get you on your nerves. Some experts have described these behaviours as part of their growing phase. Most of the times it is their physical needs that give rise to such attitude, be it sleep, hunger frustration, stress or boredom. It is necessary to understand that the child is growing and thus, is adapting to the new environment and if he is exposed to aggressive behaviours or … [Read more...]

Are Pacifiers Safe For Your Little One

By Melody Are pacifiers safe for your little one?   So after those 9 months and an arduous labor, the newborn is born! And this grand arrival rings in a deluge of happiness and excitement in the family. A baby is a huge responsibility because you not only give birth to a new life, you also promise a comfortable and meaningful life to him or her too. While parenting a newborn child or an infant, you many face many hurdles that were hitherto completely unknown to you and one such … [Read more...]

Easy & Quick Snack From Beaten Rice for Toddlers

Easy Time Pass Snack From Beaten Rice for Toddlers   It is very complicated when it comes to tastes of toddlers. At times something is not nice. But the same thing is nice at a different point of time. And the time pass type of snacks they need is always never ending. Everything has to be innovative every time. Have you all experienced this? Or is there any one facing this situation now? The pressure of preparing healthy time pass snacks is always there in me. I am sharing … [Read more...]

Guidelines For Enriching Your Child With Good Manners

by Melody Guidelines for Enriching Your Child with Good Manners For any mother, the greatest priority is to ensure that her child grows in a healthy and safe way. However, it is also essential, as a mother, to educate your kid with the right values and ethics that your parents passed onto you. Therefore, it is  necessary, despite your busy schedule to look after his meals, napkin changes and laundry work, to start teaching your toddler the difference between right and wrong- enrich him with … [Read more...]