Camel Child Grip Crayons Review

Camel Child Grip Crayons Review A child's creative ability is beyond our imagination and that makes it remarkable to see objects or things from their perspective. When toddlers start to draw in their own sweet way, colours play an important role in their cognitive growth process as they begin to understand and learn to correlate colours with various objects, emotions and elements around them. Apart from cognitive development, there is one more important factor which is not given much … [Read more...]

5 Possible Causes Of Baby Skin Rashes

5 Possible Causes Of Baby Skin Rashes A baby's skin is quite prone to rashes. Most of these rashes are harmless and subside on their own. But some rashes may be nasty and may result due to various skin diseases. If you see any rash for a long time, you need to consult your doctor. Here are five most common causes of skin rashes in babies and toddlers. Eczema Atopic eczema is most common in babies and kids. Red, itchy rashes appear on face, scalp and other parts of body. Theses rashes are … [Read more...]

5 Warm Food For Toddlers This Winters

5 Warm Food For Toddlers This Winters So it is December now and the month when winter are usually at its peak. Though it is not that chilly this year but it is cool enough for a Kid to catch cold and fall ill. The cold weather can wreak havoc with your child’s immune system and make them easily prone to diseases. Of course proper warm clothes can keep your child warm, but that’s all superficial and kids as you know are always playful and do not like clothes piled on them. To give a boost to … [Read more...]

25 Baby Girl Names Starting From R

25 Baby Girl Names Starting From R   Here we come again with a short list of baby girl names beginning with R. Hope the list is helpful to choose your baby name.     Raisha means goddess Rishima ~ Moon light Raina Rayna Reyna Reva Rianna Ruhani Resha, Riddhima Rhubarb REET Rahi Ruhi Rayma Rubmeher Raina, Reha, Rhea, Ruhani, Rasha ou can find baby names of several other letters here. … [Read more...]

29th Week Pregnancy Update By Shefali

 29th Week Pregnancy Update Hey girls :-) Hope everyone is doing superb.. I have been super lazy this week. Have been physically feeling too heavy and lethargic. Didn't want to get out of bed even for brushing or loo trips. Last week's appointment has pulled my already cranky mood down a lot. Thanks to my hubby he has always been extremely supportive and taken care of me like a princess. I couldn't have asked for more. - Just wanted this week to pass quickly as I have my doctor's … [Read more...]

My Baby Doesn’t Eat Anything – What To Do When Baby Doesn’t Eat Food

If you check out the recipe section on our Indian baby blog you will see many baby food recipes ideas shared by me along with our team. My daughter was never a fussy eater, but about two months back she quit solid food altogether. Imagine my plight when a baby who could eat anything, now refused to eat even icecream, cakes or her favourite biscuits or bread. I first thought its just a temporary phase and she will get back to eating soon  but slowly she started losing weight and I could see her … [Read more...]

22 Week Pregnancy Update by Shefali

Hello sweeties :-) I am back and viral is almost gone :-) Time seems to be brisk walking after I hit 21 weeks. Now I just want the time to start running :-D This week I made 'THE' final shopping list. The things I want to purchase before the baby arrives. As I am due in peak winters I want to make sure I have a little extra of everything. I don't want my elders to run around here and there. I want everyone to relax and be at home for the first 2 weeks at least. As planned I will do a … [Read more...]