10 Tips To Save Your Baby Skin From Infections In Summers

Hello, mommies! Summers are pretty harsh for our little ones, right? That sun damage and excessive heat can cause numerous problems on your baby's sensitive skin. Right from prickly heat to itchiness caused by excessive sweating, infections can develop on your muchkin's skin within a second but there are certainly ways to combat that effect. There are some home remedies and tips that can save your angel from this hot weather. So if you are a mommy who wants the best for your baby, keep on … [Read more...]

10 Natural Remedies To Remove Sun Tan From Baby’s Skin

Hello, mums! We love to take care of our baby's skin, right? But before applying anything on the tender and developing baby skin, we need to be cent percent sure about the side effects and results. Chemicals are something which should be on the last of the list when choosing a baby skin care product and so natural remedies are the best in any case. Natural remedies not only give you full results with no damage but also ensures that there is no hole in your pocket. Listing 10 ways in which you … [Read more...]

How To Keep Toddlers In Their Own Bed

By Gayatri L How To Keep Toddlers In Their Own Bed You are reading this post, so you must be a mother and you know well regarding your baby sleep problems. Few children may sleep well but few struggle to sleep properly. They hardly sleep properly and wake in the mid night, get down their bed and find the way to yours. It is very important to help them in this matter.     How to Do It? Here are few tips that can help you in keeping your child to stay on the bed. To … [Read more...]

How To Make Bubble Baths For Kids

How To Make Bubble Baths For Kids Summers are at its peak and the nothing seems more refreshing than a cool bath for both adults as well as young kids. Well, not everyone has the facility of swimming pool clubs in their city so as to get a cool swimming experience during summers for themselves or the kids. Talking about bathing activities, kids really enjoy bathing mostly during the summers as it relives them from the high temperature and also ensures lot of fun activities in the bathroom … [Read more...]

How To Recover From Normal Delivery

How To Recover From Normal Delivery You just gave birth to a baby and there is nothing above your baby in the priority list. But you should never ignore your postpartum care. If you have given Normal delivery there are chances of vagina tear and soreness and some other problems. Usually a normal delivery takes 6 weeks time to recover and only after this you can try involving mild exercises to get back in shape.   Below are the mentioned possible affects of normal delivery and how … [Read more...]

Dress & Skincare Shopping For Toddler + Dubai Moments + Video

Dress & Skincare Shopping For Toddler + Dubai Moments + Video Hello Everyone, I am here with a random video this time as I didn't plan it in advance but really wanted to share some interesting stuff which I got for my toddler daughter when I was holidaying in Dubai last month! This is not a roper haul kind of video because some of the stuff I couldn't find when I thought of showing it to you guys. :-( Well, I was in Dubai for a whole week and was really happy to be there are it is … [Read more...]

5 Pulao Recipes For Kids

5 Pulao Recipes For Kids Hello Mommies, Preparing dishes for Fussy kids is always a big deal. Deciding on what to cook for your kid is not an easy thing to do, a new thing every other day! While deciding on new cook menus for everyday is very bothering, you can try making the some dishes with some variations. And when we talk of variations, Pulao is that one dish which can be prepared in new way almost every day, quite a variation isn’t it? It is not always necessary to make Pulao with … [Read more...]

Chicco Baby Moment Bath Wash & Shampoo Review + Video

Chicco Baby Moment Bath Wash & Shampoo Review + Video Hello Everyone, Today I am back with another video where I will be talking about a baby bath was & shampoo from Chicco which is renowned name in offering babycare products & goods. I am seen along with my little baby girl who helped me in reviewing this product! Well, she was excited in the beginning but after that she lost interest and wanted it to get over soon! ;-) Let me share what the brand says about this … [Read more...]

Pao Pao Art & Music Book ( Art & Activity For Kids) + Video

Pao Pao Art & Music Book ( Art & Activity For Kids) + Video Hello Mommies, Today I am back again with another interesting video from the Mom & Baby Youtube Channel. It is not any product review but actually something which will develop an interest in doing creative activities in toddlers. Usually, what happens that if you plan to do any activity with your kid and later realize that the essentials like cardboard, tissues or glue is missing or finished so you are left with no other … [Read more...]

Rice Recipe For Kids – Carrot Capsicum Pulao

  Rice Recipe For Kids - Carrot Capsicum Pulao   The battle in the kitchen to dish out a delicious, healthy and sumptuous dish continues. A fussy eater who refuses to even look at carrots and capsicum, will not be able to say no to this yummy carrot-capsicum combination with rice. It’s easy, quick and most prep can be done at night.     What You Will Need: 1 Cup – Cooked Rice (Preferrably long grained like Basmati) ½ Cup – Grated Carrots (Orange Carrots … [Read more...]