How To Care For Your Baby’s Umbilical Cord

Umbilical cord care is the foremost knowledge a new mother should have. This was where you were connected to your baby prior to birth. Once the mother delivers the baby, the baby’s umbilical cod will be clamped ad cut accordingly. As a responsible mother you need to take proper care of the cord until it heals and dries completely. Tips To  Care For Your Baby Umbilical Cord:-Some important suggestions I had received while I was still in my maternity hospital When the cord is … [Read more...]

8 Baby Constipation Remedies

  Constipation is one of the problems in babies when you begin to give other things to baby  apart from our breast milk. Usually babies mostly breast fed do not tend to get constipation. When you introduce formula feed and other baby food chances of your baby getting constipated are higher . What is constipation? In simple words, constipation is a situation where there is infrequent bowel movement i.e. hard to pass out.     The usual complaint of a mother … [Read more...]