Pregnancy Associated Anaemia

Pregnancy associated Anaemia   Anaemia is a stage when your blood doesn't have ample quantity of Red blood cells or the red blood cells being produced are qualitatively faulty. As a result, there is difficulty in carrying enough oxygen to your own body tissues and when you are pregnant, deficiency of oxygen supply may even occur to your baby. It is common for women to develop anaemia during pregnancy since your body needs to produce more healthy red blood cells to support your … [Read more...]

Febrile Seizure Experience

Febrile Seizure Hello! … The very name sounds really scary “febrile Seizure”..  It is convulsions that are caused due to high fever in children between the age group of 6months to 5years. It comes generally on the first day of fever which is the time you need to be cautious and try to keep the fever low. I am writing about this based on my experience with my son who had febrile seizure when he was 1yr  and 1month. Medical Explanation:  You can read it here  My experience and my take … [Read more...]

Farlin Safety Cotton Buds for Babies Review – Cleaning Baby Ears

Farlin Safety Cotton Buds - Cleaning Baby Ears Having your 1st baby comes with a chunk of all new firsts na? The first time you cut your babies nails, the first time you clean their potty  (Sorry, i just had to include that), the first time you bathe them and even the first time you clean their ears. We clean our own ears so frequently that it never seems to be a great task to clean your babies...that is until you have a hyper-wriggly baby in your lap and have no idea how to clean their ear … [Read more...]

How To Bathe A Newborn Baby

  Giving bath to your new born is always special and increases your attachment with the baby though your baby might not like is initially.  Some babies enjoy warm water bath other may take some time to get accustomed to. Generally it is advisable to use luke warm water to give bath to your new born. At what time I should give bath to my new born The best time is day time when weather is worm and you are not expecting any interruption in between. It’s best if your baby is fully awake and … [Read more...]

20 Week Pregnancy Update

I am back with my 20 week update :-) This week was quite happening as this week marked the mid point of my pregnancy. YIPPIIEEE I am half way through!! We celebrated at TGIF with hubby's friends and did a lot of baby shopping as well!! Will mention the details in my next post. Few products are still to reach me. I met some close friends this week too. Meeting friends now is a luxury in itself. I was bedridden the first four months with bad nausea, vomiting and other complications so now the … [Read more...]