How To Develop Creativity In Kids:Funskool Play Doh Gift Set Review

Hello Everybody, I am here again with a review of a Clay gift set which my niece loves to play with and finds really exciting when she is in a creative mode! Yeah...I mean I have seen kids going too far...! My niece starts drawing something and goes on and on for many pages and then she is restless and the next day you ask her to draw anything she would seem the least interested and we are like "Whats the problem yesterday you were drawing as if there is no tomorrow!!" Well, these are usual … [Read more...]

Funschool Triple Track Tower Review – Toddlers Games 1-3 Year Old

Funschool Triple Track Tower Review - Toddlers Games 1-3 Year Old Hello Everyone, Today I am here to review an amazing toy which is very appropriate for a toddler and is a fun way to get the toddler learn about how to play in group of 2-3 kids. This is  a triple track tower where three tracks are given which have different elevation levels and each track has a unique uneven  topography. About Funschool Triple Track Tower:- This is a perfectly sized toy apt for toddler's hands. It is … [Read more...]

5 Innovative Toys That Toddler Will Enjoy

  Each child is gifted with talent of some kind or the other. However, one thing common in toddlers is their creativity. And innovative toys are the best ways to express this creativity in them. The following innovative are most ideal for toddlers to display their creativity as they help in the mental growth and development of these toddlers. Check out these extremely affordable yet helpful innovative toys for toddlers. The Wow Wee Art See Studio: Make your toddler happy by presenting … [Read more...]