Besan Bread Toast – Lunch Box Ideas

Besan Bread Toast - Lunch Box Ideas- Hi Everyone, I am back with another interesting post on the Lunch Box Series we have on Baby Blog. I am sure you all mummies find tough time in thinking about the lunch to give to your kid n their lunch box. Although most of the nursery & kids school prrovide you with a proper & planned food chart which includes food items to give to your kid in their lunch boxes but just imagine how choosy kids become sometimes that they refuse to eat the same … [Read more...]

Rice Recipe For Kids – Carrot Capsicum Pulao

  Rice Recipe For Kids - Carrot Capsicum Pulao   The battle in the kitchen to dish out a delicious, healthy and sumptuous dish continues. A fussy eater who refuses to even look at carrots and capsicum, will not be able to say no to this yummy carrot-capsicum combination with rice. It’s easy, quick and most prep can be done at night.     What You Will Need: 1 Cup – Cooked Rice (Preferrably long grained like Basmati) ½ Cup – Grated Carrots (Orange Carrots … [Read more...]

Soya Chunks And Custard Recipe – Lunch Box Idea 6

Soya Chunks And Custard Recipe - Lunch Box Ideas Toddlers Hello Mummies, How are you doing? Well, I am back with another lunch box idea for you all which I generally find very easy and extremely healthy for my little daughter. Basically this lunch idea is a little more on the snack part but the amount of nutrition it provides is really good for your little one. The Lunch Box idea today is Soya chunks along with sweet custard in my daughter's lunch box. The Soya Chunks can be easily be … [Read more...]

Mango And Banana Smoothie Recipe For Toddler & Kids

 Hello Mommies, How are you & your kids doing this summer season? Summers are at their peak and everybody is busy thinking about how to survive without any health issues in this unfavorable climate. It is always advised by doctors to stay hydrated most of the time during summers. I am sure you all must be busy in taking good care of yourself & your kids to save them from the side effects the season comes along with. Today I am sharing a very healthy smoothie recipe which I usually … [Read more...]

Suzi Toast And Pomegranate – Lunch Box Idea 5

Suzi Toast And Pomegranate  - Lunch Box Ideas  Hello Everyone! Feeding the kids of today's generation is really becoming tough these days as they are becoming very choosy & picky when it comes to eating food which is healthy. Most of the kids lure upon junk food and generally show a great dislike for nutritional food items. Well, I know this is the main concern of every Mom on the block and they would instantly bond over on this single topic about how fussy their toddler is in eating … [Read more...]

Suzi Toasts/Semolina Toast For Kids And Toddlers

Suzi Toasts/Semolina Toast For Kids And Toddlers Suzi toasts are quite favourite in many house holds.They are simple to make and mostly liked by the whole family. These are light on stomach and in summers are preferred in morning breakfast with a shake. These can be given as a evening snack to your toddlers/kids .They are filling but not as filling that it will lead to skipping of the dinner.     Suzi Toasts Kids/Toddlers Ingredients:- Semolina Bread … [Read more...]

Bread And Banana Recipe For Toddler/Weaning Recipes

Bread And Banana Recipe For Toddler/Weaning Recipes:-   Like every mom I crib to everyone how my girl doesn't like to eat anything.I made these banana bread pan cake for her and she didn't like it at all but my neighbour son was playing with her and he had it all. If he wouldn't have liked it I would have never mustered up the courage to put this recipe up.Recipe was a simple experiment and  I personally loved it.I don't know what to name the recipe may be you guys can help me out in … [Read more...]

Paratha, Curd, Beans,Cheese – Lunch Box Ideas 2

Hello Moms, It's literally burning out here and my girl wasn't feeling too well so she skipped school almost whole week.The two days which she attended the school I sent following things to her. Everything is pretty simple and needs only a little assembling.We always keep wondering what to send to the child where most of the things are already available at  home only:) Lunch Box Ideas - Cheese Slice, Veggie Paratha And Fruit Yoghurt:- 1)Cheese Slice - My daughter likes cheese although it … [Read more...]

2 Rice Balls Recipe – Kids Lunch Box Ideas

2 Rice Balls Recipe - Kids Lunch Box Ideas Hello Mommies! How are you and baby doing? Today I am sharing with you a simple no mess recipe which you might like to try for your toddler/kid.If your child has little bit of cheese or rice liking then s/he is certainly going to enjoy this one.It can be used as a snack and can be given in lunch as well.There are two versions of this recipe and ofcourse you can mould it as per your child's taste . So lets learn this super easy Rice ball recipe … [Read more...]

3 Quick Lunch Box Ideas For Toddlers/Kids

3 Quick Lunch Box Ideas For Toddlers/Kids Like all moms I to try to  make my daughter eat healthy things but unfortunately most of the time it goes waste but now that she has started school it has brought back the cook in me. I try to mix and match food so that she gets used to of the variety.There has not been even a single day when whole lunch box was finished by her, but even if a section of the lunch box is eaten by her I consider myself lucky :-p Below are few of the lunch box … [Read more...]