5 Best Tips To Take Care Of Peevish Kids

By Melody How to Take Care of Peevish Kids Your toddler is the apple of your eyes but the way he behaves might get you on your nerves. Some experts have described these behaviours as part of their growing phase. Most of the times it is their physical needs that give rise to such attitude, be it sleep, hunger frustration, stress or boredom. It is necessary to understand that the child is growing and thus, is adapting to the new environment and if he is exposed to aggressive behaviours or … [Read more...]

Guidelines For Enriching Your Child With Good Manners

by Melody Guidelines for Enriching Your Child with Good Manners For any mother, the greatest priority is to ensure that her child grows in a healthy and safe way. However, it is also essential, as a mother, to educate your kid with the right values and ethics that your parents passed onto you. Therefore, it is  necessary, despite your busy schedule to look after his meals, napkin changes and laundry work, to start teaching your toddler the difference between right and wrong- enrich him with … [Read more...]