Pregnancy & Thyroid – Precautions And Care

Pregnancy & Thyroid - Precautions And Care   As beautiful as the news of pregnancy is, any other ailment detected with it can make everyone worry. Thyroid gland tends to become more active during pregnancy and many times the pregnancy symptoms are similar to thyroid symptoms. The similarity makes it essential to get the thyroid test done if you are pregnant. But again you should not be all tears if your test results show that you have a thyroid hormone related … [Read more...]

Baby First Birthday Return Gift Idea

Hi everyone! At last after many many hours of discussions and research, we finally got our return gifts finalized and they have reached our home too:) So let me tell you what we were looking for and what I found and how we decided on the return gift. Return gifts are important because now-a-days kids expect gifts when they go to birthday parties other than the zillion things :P .I asked our facebook group girls and some of them gave really interesting ideas for return gifts. If there are some … [Read more...]