Mothercare All We Know Baby Nappy Cream Review

Mothercare All We Know Baby Nappy Cream Nappy rash is one of the most stress causing factors to both mom and the baby especially in the intial few months when slightest negligence may cause a ton of pain to your little one. Imagine seeing your baby’s bottom red just a day after she’s born! Babies generally get too cranky because of the intense burning sensation and might also refuse their feeds. Where I bought: I bought this Mothercare All We Know Baby Nappy Cream when I was at a … [Read more...]

Dr.Reddy’s EziNapi Cream Reviews

Hi all the beautiful ladies and gals! This is the first time I am writing for WiseShe Baby Blog and I along with my daughter are very excited about it. Motherhood is an altogether a new birth of a women. Now, I have a 2.5 yr old naughty and bubbly daughter and when she was about 1 year and 1 month old, she suffered from a horrible nappy rash... so much so, that pus had formed and I had to quit using diapers during winter days. Read - Gifts From Loved Ones      I … [Read more...]