Building your Child’s Library:10 to 15 Months

Building your Child’s Library: 10 – 15 Months As promised in our earlier post listing book recommendations for babies in the age group of 3 to 9 months , we are back with suggestions for your child’s growing library. At about the 10th month mark, toddlers start showing a greater understanding of language, and what better way than books to boost their vocabulary and creativity. At this stage, you might want to continue to invest in board books to ensure their longevity. So, without further … [Read more...]

5 Books For One Year Old Babies

One Year Old Baby Books:- In my effort to develop reading habit in my baby, I started reading to her when she was 4-5 months old. Now she has developed this peculiar habit where she wants me to read aloud and goes away exploring the world. When she comes back if she  finds me not reading she gives me the book and ask me to read...It's funny as well as  irritating some time as I want her to read with me. I am now kind of obsessed with buying books. It completely rejuvenates me when I buy a book … [Read more...]