Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion – Body Lotion For Babies With Sensitive Skin

I had picked up alot of skincare stuff for my baby before her birth anticipating allergy to JnJ (like me)...I was pretty much correct about her allergy to JnJ products, but along with that she was allergic to practically all other brands as well...It was then that the doctor himself suggested Aveeno atleast till she completed 3 to 4mts since by then, major sensitivities also decrease. I picked up Aveeno Baby Lotion and have been using it ever since :)   About Aveeno Baby Daily … [Read more...]

How To Clean Baby Tongue|Candid Mouth Paint

I still remember the day I went to the pediatrician for my baby’s first vaccination. I was so tensed of a long needle being pierced on such a tiny body. :-(. Damn………..why can’t all vaccines be oral? Ok, this article is not about vaccines. :-). But something that caught my pediatrician’s attention on that day. After he pierced my baby, she was wailing on top of her voice with her mouth wide open. She was just 10 days then. The doc asked ‘Since when is her tongue got that white residues? … [Read more...]

7 Remedies For Cold In Infants

Weather changes always bring about changes in health. This fact is valid for both adults and kids. Babies are no exception. Catching cold is one common health problem. My baby has faced this every now and then. And nose blocking is followed by default. This becomes a major problem for both baby and mother. Baby cannot sleep well with blocked nose. And sleep deprived babies are very difficult to be handled. :-(. Medication is a must in this case too. I usually turned to my pediatrician. And … [Read more...]