How To Encourage Your Kid For Singing And Dancing

How To Encourage Your Kid For Singing and Dancing ??? Singing and dancing are great ways to gain physical and emotional benefits as exercising. Both singing and dancing help kids stay healthy, happy and inculcate fast learning abilities too. Being physically active also helps increase your child’s skills and enhance their brain power. A recent study published by the Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics found that live music can be beneficial for babies. Live music helps slow a … [Read more...]

Positive Effect Of Music On Babies

Positive Effect Of Music On Babies As moms all of us have created and sung lullaby to soothe our fussy babies and as parents we know that shakers quickly become babies’ favorite toys. What we don’t realize  is that these are the basic musical foundations which change the infant’s brain in various ways. These simple activities benefit children throughout their lives. Research proves that the foundation of music can be made in the womb only. Here I can vouch for this fact seeing my personal … [Read more...]