7 Myths About Pregnancy Diet

7 Myths About Pregnancy Diet   What you eat during your pregnancy is very crucial and shall actually take you a long way in healing your body post-delivery. Your diet should be wholesome and a healthy mix of Fibrous fruits, proteins as well as calcium intake. Adding a lot of spinach also takes care of the requirement. Add a fistful of dry fruits to your duet. This is especially beneficial to working women as they are on the go all day. Ensure you keep yourself hydrated through the … [Read more...]

5 Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

5 Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy Pregnancy is the most important physiological function in the life of a human as it involves recreation of the self. This accounts for many things to keep in mind before conceiving and also during the gestation period. You may heave heard your mother & grand mothers talking about certain things to avoid during pregnancy. Well, Old is Gold goes well with this and they were actually correct about many things regarding pregnancy situation & nutrition … [Read more...]

Diet For The Ninth Month Of Pregnancy

Diet for The Ninth Month of Pregnancy   The wait is finally over! Happiness is just somewhere round the corner :-) If you have opted for an elective cesarean then all you need to do is look forward to the date. And if you are hoping for a natural birth then you must be nerved up with every pain in your lower tummy thinking if it’s about to happen. Well, leave these things aside and let nature take its own course, you just concentrate on eating healthy!     Now, … [Read more...]

Diet For The Eighth Month Of Pregnancy

Diet For The Eighth Month Of Pregnancy   Time to get your hospital bag ready! There’s just one more month to go before you meet your little princess or prince. Post delivery you would be too tired so make most of the time that you have now. Stay relaxed and take plenty of rest throughout the day. During the last trimester of the pregnancy there is a tremendous increase in the speed with which the baby develops. Although all the essential nutrients mentioned in the previous posts … [Read more...]

Diet For The Seventh Month Of Pregnancy

  Diet For The Seventh Month Of Pregnancy   With an obvious bump you are officially into the third and the final semester of your pregnancy now. That time’s not far when your cute little prince or princess would be lying next to you. Enjoy those kicks and somersaults while it lasts! You are going to miss them later. If you are a foodie you are going to love this part of trimester because for a mother-to-be it’s essential that she increase her intake by at least 400 calories per … [Read more...]

Diet For The Sixth Month Of Pregnancy

  Diet For The Sixth Month Of Pregnancy   Once you enter into the sixth month of your pregnancy, the countdown to the third and the final semester of this beautiful journey begins. Pretty soon you will be holding your little one :-) This is the prefect time for you and your partner to spend some time together because once the baby arrives, both of you would get busy. If you have been following a healthy diet all this while then you already know what needs to go into your plate … [Read more...]

Diet For The Fifth Month Of Pregnancy

Diet For The Fifth Month Of Pregnancy   Frustrated that your favourite pair of denims doesn’t fit you anymore? Worry not, it’s just a matter of time and soon you will have your curves back in place. After all the hot mamas like Malaika Arora Khan, Shilpa Shetty, Aishwarya Rai, Lara Dutta were all once there and look at them now. They are hot as ever! :-) So for now, concentrate on gaining up to two kilos of weight as suggested by experts. Does that mean I can have anything I want this month? … [Read more...]

Diet For The Fourth Month Of Pregnancy

  Diet For The Fourth Month Of Pregnancy   Feeling the butterflies in your stomach lately? ;-) Know what it is? It’s your tiny baby practicing her moves in there :-) Everyone around you is starting to notice the bump now and soon lots of advices would come your way. The terrible morning sickness has just gone away for a holiday but might keep visiting once in a while if you are not that lucky, your spirits are high and emotionally you are a mess. You are likely to shed a drop of tear … [Read more...]