5 Main Symptoms Of Miscarriage

Main Symptoms of Miscarriage Motherhood gives a woman fulfillment in her life and when gets the news that she has conceived, she is perhaps on the top of the world. Then with every passing day during her pregnancy period, her eagerness, her impatience to have the baby, her waiting for the baby keeps on increasing. As she sees her baby belly, feels the baby inside growing, sees the baby moving on the ultrasound screen, she is already a mother to the unborn baby and develops a deep emotional … [Read more...]

Know More: Pre-eclampsia & Eclampsia

Recently I went to the gynac with a Preggie friend of mine and in passing she happened to mention she'd been having headaches and lower back pains in her 3rd month itself. The gynac immediately checked her BP and her hands and legs for any swelling. After doing that, she happened to mention that, “It's all normal, not to worry, there's no Pre-eclampsia.' Both of us were googly eyed since we'd never heard of this term before so we asked the gynac and she gave us a short description about it. … [Read more...]