4 Tips For Caring Baby Scars

Often your little one may hurt him with the result that a big or small might be left on his skin. As a mom, apart from baby care, you have to attend to countless household chores and the moment your attention from your babe wavers, the naughty restless kid, is up for his naughtiness, goes and bumps into things or might be that while running about the house, he slips and falls, and the result is a wound and subsequent scarring. If the wound is unmanageable at home, definitely your baby has to be … [Read more...]

How to Fade Baby’s Scar

  Falls, cuts, bruises, wounds, hurts are all part of baby’s growth. A bruise or a wound might leave behind scars on the baby’s skin. Any tiny ups and downs along with the baby easily pushes we mother’s into pressure and stress.     Here are a few solutions that could be handy when you feel your baby is likely to have a deep scar. Calendula cream/lotion for babies is the most suggested product due to its healing properties. Calendula skin products are … [Read more...]