Teaching Small Medium And Large To Preschoolers + Video

Teaching Small Medium And Large To Preschoolers

Today I am going to show you a puzzle set which has helped my child in learning about sizes. It is really quite difficult to make your child understand what is small, medium and big. It was tough for me to teach her that but this game has helped me in making my daughter understand about different sizes and learning various other things as well.

Price- INR 195

My Experience with Learn About Sizes Game

This game ‘Learn About Sizes’ is meant for kids who are 3+ but my daughter is 2.5 years and she grasped it easily so I think that gets above 2 years of age can learn from this game. This game has 48 pieces of self correcting puzzles. A child cannot learn alone from this game initially and you need to play with them. After some time when a child gets the hang of the game, they will start enjoying it alone as well.

There are 5 sets of puzzles in the game. There are a variety of pictures from objects like ship, vegetables, birds and animals. They have tried to mix everything well.

You can just pile pictures in three sets- one each for small, medium and large. Then let the child pick one picture from pile A and find its corresponding pictures from the two other piles.

This game also sharpens memory skills while kids learn about sizes. The game can be played in a group and can be a good classroom activity as well. The self correcting nature of the puzzle makes the learning process simple. It also boosts the child’s confidence when they solve the puzzle multiple times.

I would recommend this game to the parents and teachers of preschoolers.

Here is a detailed video review of the game which will make you understand it better-

How do you make your child learn about sizes?

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