What To Do If Toddler Throws Up Too Often?

What To Do If Toddler Throws Up Too Often?

One of the very common issue many mothers face is when toddler throws up too often! Its imperative for the new mother to get concerned about such an abnormal health problem as they have practically no idea as to why these things are happening with their beloved child!

toddler throws up food

Well, throwing up milk in the early months during infancy is more or less due to colic and it improvises as the baby grows older. Throwing up food in toddlers is more or less the same as in adults. The most common reason for throwing up is indigestion or acidity reflux which results in an abrupt discharge or the food through the oral passage!

So there are few things that new moms should keep in mind so as to avoid this situation with their kids and prevent these type of stomach concerns! They are described as under-

Watch Out the kids Diet-

It is usually observed that kids bound to overeat if they are served their favorite dish and over-eating eventually results in indigestion which automatically leads to throwing up all the contents in the tummy through huge force!

Moms should monitor their kids diet and not promote over-eating habits at all. Your kid is not going to develop more if he/ she is over-eating! But they will surely throw up and then you may certainly repent your decision to not monitor the food portions your toddler is having!

Due to severe De-hydration-

During extreme high temperature toddlers tend to throw up due to excess De-hydration. They usually feel sick initially, urinate less and are cranky!

So keep them hydrated enough and make sure that the ion balance in their body is maintained.

toddler vomiting

Allergenic to Certain Food Items-

There are several food items which the child may be allergic to and that causes the instant reflux to throw up! Eggs, seafood, fish or milk may cause the kid to feel uneasy and  cause severe abdominal pain in them! Until the food ingested is out if the system through vomiting, these things continue to cause discomfort in toddlers!

Avoid serving such food items which repeatedly cause vomit and other uneasiness!

Food Poisoning-

Another common cause of throwing up is eating unhygienic food items, dairy products, or under cooked food which remains undigested and cause nausea and vomiting!

Make sure to check the quality of food and always give light and easily digestible food to toddlers which is properly cooked at home!

Excessive Physical Activity-

Too much of physical activity in toddlers is also not a good thing as the body needs to settle down and replenish the lost energy by digesting food properly. Too much of running may also cause the kids to throw up as ample amount of rest is essentially required to help them digest the food!

Well, I hope these points will certainly help mothers to understand what causes the toddler to throw up abruptly!

Does your toddler Throws up too often?

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