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It’s easy to buy toys for toddlers today with wide variety of online toys stores opening up every day but getting something which your kid likes is a task in itself. We got this education rider as a gift from our friend and I wasn’t sure if it will interest my 14month old daughter. Surprisingly it has become one of her favourite toys and we are planning to gift a similar one to one of our friend’s baby on their birthday.

Rider looks interesting with its bright colours. Thing is it looks beautiful with its attractive colours and babies can take a small ride on it or push it as a rider.

Educationa rider toys india

Below its seats there is space to keep stuff..I had no idea about it and I thought that seat is fixed. Slowly little things in my house started getting missing and one fine day my helper found them all hidden in this. So all the time when I was hunting for things, they were actually kept here by my daughter. Sometime things used to pop up in front of me and I thought she found it out from somewhere else 🙂

games educational rider

It has a telephone system as well which I think doesn’t need any introduction to kids.Somehow they are too attracted towards phone and know how to operate it even when they are 8-9 months old.It’s the new GPRS generation so they know it all.

educational rider toys india

There is a place for this cute telephone receiver and its fun when she picks it up and try to talk like us .Toy is quite sturdy and not heavy and is made of plastic.

gift ideas for one year old

And here she goes again to search for stuff and store it in her secret area.

Educational toys

I found it on Jabong of Rs 1232 here .On rest of the sites there is high difference in cost and I saw it on rediff of around INR 1400. On first cry shape of the toy is little different and it costs INR 1300 or 1400..So Jabong is the best place to buy this.

Do let me know your favourite educational toys for one year old 🙂

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  1. So damn cute ya!i had one like this too but tab to phone n all nahi tha..nor was der a secret compartment! Meko bhi chaiye mere liye!!

  2. Why?..what do u want to store in the compartment 😀

  3. lolz….then its too small a compartment 😀

  4. Ananya also has the same one in blue and white which was also a gift on her first b’day. She still loves to play with it. It is indeed the most used gift:):)

  5. O yeah, these days if we don’t find the remote, car keys, spoons etc.. We check the secret compartment:) one time she had stored all my onions inside it!!!

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