Two Months Baby Care

Two Month Baby Care

As advised by Nafisa every month I read about the babys growth and development in What To Expect First Year book.  It is good to know what to expect during the first year and it amazes me everyday to see how my baby is doing exactly doing what’s written in the book.

These are the developments that are expected and that she has made:
 She finally recognises me! The moment she is in my arms she feels secure and then just does not want to be separated.  It is awesome to be wanted so much but it scares me to think that she may get clingy and not allow me to do anything on my own in the near future.

Every morning the sun rises in our bedroom!  She wakes up and flashes that toothless smile at us.  It surfaces when we talk to her or touch her. I can the emotional growth in her.  It is very evident.  We waited several weeks for a glimpse of her social smiles which are very different from her sleep grins.  Seeing her smile at me is the sweetest thing this month .

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Shes getting used to the world around her.  She is reacting to outside stimuli and is not so insecure anymore.  She no longer keeps her hands in tight fists except  during periods of sleep or quiet alertness.  She knows that my husband and I will dance to her beck and call.  We know when she will be hungry and are ready even before her first cry.  Can one every say that shes had enough of cuddling and loving??? Is there such a thing as enough or too much?

Vaccinations were tough this time.  She had fever and we had to give her Calpol syrup but still she remained cranky for almost 4-5 days.  The entire family was disturbed to see her in pain.  I guess that is the most difficult thing for a family, to watch a new born suffer.  My dad doesn’t want her to be vaccinated soon but he knows its important and absolutely essential too.
When I think about it the best that has happend this month is that Anvika has grown emotionally.  She has started to  develope bonds with the family.  As a mother I enjoy a special something with her.  She coos with love when I hold her.  I just wait for it.  It is the most wonderful thing to be loved so dearly and watched by someone so teeny weeny.
She has her own timetable also and now I am able to recognise the pattern.  She sleeps twice in the afternoon, once in the morning and then late at night she gets up 2-3 times.  I am prepared for all of this.  Previously everything was unexpected and unknown.  She has started sleeping for five hours at a stretch and I feel so lucky when she stay awake for long periods of time too.  She doesn’t just fall asleep now but tries to be part of the happenings around her.
I think our angels is growing well and I am quite relaxed.  As a new mother there are many insecurities that through my mind.  Will she be healthy? Am I doing the right thing?  Is she developing to the best of her ability?   She is just 2 months old now but very soon she will be 2 years old and over night 20.  She will be young and independant and ready to leave her nest and fly off into the unknown.
Even then she will be my little girl still cooing and smiling especially for me.

How was your experience of two months baby care?

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  1. awww.. sooo cute… n calpol syrup!!!??? not drops!!??? n don forget to give her enough sunbath… its very much required… 🙂

  2. awwww.. cute writeup..

  3. awwwwwwwwwww….those toothless smiles 😀

  4. aww ananmika… such a cute thing to know a baby’s activity… i can imagine how each and every activity of ur girl will make u jump in happiness and how eagerly u will want to capture these moments forever… enjoying the read 🙂

  5. i swear…yesterday she turned and i was just so happy and calling everyone to show that she turned..i don know what has happend to me but i love her so much.:)

  6. So cute! Lovely post ana. Makes me wish we had become mommies together…it’d be so much fun! 🙂 Thanks for mentioning me dear…means a lot. Glad the book is helping. N it’s cute that ur dad doesn’t want ur li’l angel to get vaccinated…grandpa obviously cares a lot 🙂

  7. oh you named her, Anvika??? nice name. btw, what does it mean??? do show her snap sometime 🙂 good that you are recovering well 🙂

  8. Hi anamika,
    I am a regular reader of both ur blogs,but thos baby blog has impressed me more the reason being a mom myself to a 3 weeks old baby gal.
    I very liked the reviews on baby bath tub and quick dry sheets and the comments posted on helped me gain knowledge.

    I like to know the skin care u follow foe your confused with advises from many people like what procedures to follow (applyoinh oil,soap,ubtan,lotion,powder)..currently am using almond oil before bath and mother care all we know body lotion.please help

  9. Than q.. Awaiting for the post.all ur posts will be a big source of info for me as my baby grows up..

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