Weight Loss Guideline – Step 2 – Important


I am so sorry about the infrequent updates…I was in Melbourne on a project and I am having to manage my personal & professional life…it’s such a struggle. Plus the 5 1/2 hours difference was a killer…not helped by day light savings here L I feel like it is 6.30 PM when it’s already 10-11 PM and can’t sleep till 3-4 AM, apart from being at client location by 8 AM. Back to business…

Ah…after Ana’s article…I realize how many of us are kicked about this topic. I mean this must be the most talked about topic of all time!! So, like I said I am on this difficult journey. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not losing the weight that’s difficult but the “stick-to-it” plan that is difficult. Once my body got over the shock that I am really…I mean REALLY going to do this, it decided to adjust a bit too.






You know about mid-life crisis?? That hits you (apparently) sometime during your 40’s and makes you melancholy. Weight watchers also face this, we get so melancholy (read: me) about this and maudlin that no drink is required. I remember that I started philosophizing about the whole concept and why it is actually good to have a few extra kilos on me than work it all off and be stick & bones. I wasn’t inebriated, just plain sad L

If you are in this stage, GET UP AND GET GOING!! I mean come’on, Ana’s article must have shaken you up a bit isn’t it? You realize so many things from there; I would draw my inspiration on these lines:

  1. You CAN DO IT…nothing better than this!
  2. It’s POSSIBLE…who ever said “impossible” have never heard of “I am possible” (unless you compare this to booking a ticket on, oh well it’s a different issue altogether)
  3. Determination is the key along with discipline, they both rank on top of all the must do’s here
  4. Help’s at hand…there are so many, many, avenues to exercise…whoever said I don’t know how to do it, I don’t have the time (read: me, again) is being lazy or not thinking from the top-end *evil-grin*
  5. Consult a doctor, dietician, orthopedic (if you have any issues), or a gynecologist but DON’T give up…that’s the MOST important

Update : I was umm…XX kilos and I have lost 2.9 kilos in the last 3-4 weeks of travel…I am ecstatic! It just tells me I can do it too!! Awesome isn’t it??


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  1. way to go Vaish..i m sure u will make it.

  2. yep vaish…!have u chekd out pinterest for motivation ! and one tip that really helps .. it worked for my young cousin.. she stuck a pic of herself in her room.. and everytie she saw her pic she decided to hit the gym.. today she is 12 kgs lighter

  3. hey… all I have to share this with u all with a loud bang…!!!! just yesterday I checked my weight and I have lost 2.8 kgs. Achieved this in 15 days. ha ha ah ha ha ha.. i cannot control laughing smiling happiness.. evrerything..

    U guys began everything. I tagged myself into this whole lot of weight loosing episode. Thanks wise she. I will tell u my weight loosing figure after another fortnight again. 😀

  4. but how did u manage this.?? awesome!

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