What To Gift On Baby Shower Occasion?

By Rhea

What To Gift On Baby Shower Occasion?

Baby showers are the best time to give a would be mother the much needed impetus and strength as she is about to cross the threshold from being a girl to a woman to a mother. She is by now almost ready to be the third form of womanhood which is the most difficult part and so marking a beginning with baby shower to this period is like making it memorable for life with happiness all around while also giving her advises and tips to be a good mother and prior to that to face the tough task of being a mother.

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To gift something to such a mother is obviously very tricky as we would want it to be either suited to the woman’s need or the child’s needs. Well there can be many a things this way but to decide on the best thing which is unique and common obviously is quite tough.

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Some gift suggestions could be:

Baby Booties

These can be common yet unique. Common in the sense that someone else might also be gifting it but uniqueness of it could save your day as these are loved and can never go wrong as people like them in as many numbers.

soft baby shoes

Baby Bouncers

This can also be a very good gift for the occasion as the baby bounces are very much required and people love anything associated with the babies in advance. By this time, would be parents are already into shopping mode and are already looking for options for the babies.

Baby Gym

Babyhug Twist N Fold Move N Play Activity Gym

Another gift which is apt for a baby which is suitable for babies from 2-3 months on wards and paves its way into the baby’s life once the baby starts to notice things around.

Baby Carrier

checklist for travel with toddlers

More of a gift to the mother it is as she gets an aid in holding the baby while she has some other work to do. It also comes in handy when she goes out for some work or pleasure carrying the baby around. This way both parents are happy to hold the baby and feel it’s company as well.

Baby Diaper Bag

This is another gift for the new mother as she gets to carry the necessary items in one bag and she can keep it handy at all times whenever she has to take the baby out.

Feeding set

How I introduced bottle to a breast feeding baby

Another suitable gift is a set of cutlery for the baby – spoons, saucers, feeding bottles etc. which are required for the baby.

Feeding Pillows

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Another one for the mother as well as the baby! A very useful product that would help the new mother to feed the baby and have the patience to carry on as it is very difficult during the initial days to carry the baby all the time and feed at regular intervals. Holding the baby in arms gets very tiring which can be resolved through this gift. Also known as Boppy, this also is a better rescue to the baby as it can rest over it while taking the feed.

Baby Car seat


A very useful gift for the parents as it keeps the baby safe while it is on a drive in a car.

I am sure these gifts would have given you an ample choice if you have been looking for a gift for someone.

What do you think is best gift out of these?

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