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I have bought almost all my baby things online and that is the reason I keep comparing many websites together and zero in on the ones which are the best. Recently First cry was running an offer which tempted me .First cry doesn’t seems to be a site which will be unprofessional or will believe in cheating their customer. I ordered a baby potty car.

I imagined how fun it will be when my baby will be enjoying the car drive and will poo into it and learn the art in middle of the fun :D. I placed my order (no – 487592LJ75681143) on 30th Nov and it took them some 25 days to deliver the car. I thankfully chose cash on delivery otherwise I would have been more irritated but I seriously wish this order would have not arrived only and I would have purchased a better thing in sale after checking it out here.

first review

Being a mom who handles her baby and manages multiple blogs, it becomes difficult for me to visit malls every now and then and this is the reason we trust the baby sites. I have found that in the mall in sale season brands offer much better discount than first cry but still due to paucity of time I opted them. After all, who wouldn’t like things getting delivered on their door step?

So story moves ahead and I paid 1000 bucks and opened the package in excitement ..

Baby Potty Car Pattern

and to my surprise both parts don’t even fit together and the car is lying useless in my store room now. I mailed them – complaining about the product and received no reply for 4-5 days. I then posted a message on their facebook page and Pop ! came a reply – not from them – but a customer who must have had the similar bad experience from them. As per her, my struggle to replace or get the refund has started .I thought I won’t be the one but actually I am the one.

I have never received any reply till date from them.In between there was a call that they’re talking to the vendor but that was about 20 days ago. Company has not even replied to even one of my mails ! Which is just unbelievable in today’s online scenario where companies like Flipkart reply to one mail with in few hours.

Below is the picture of the car which I sent them which must be lying in their trash mail right now.

Potty training baby car

After facing this I checked their reviews online and found that many people have burnt their pocket and it’s not just me.

delayed delivery

Anyway! They have lost a customer who would have shopped a lot from them. I was planning to buy some organic food from their sister website goodlife but not anymore. Even if they’d shown the decency to apologize and correct their mistake in time, I’d have appreciated it as much on the public forum as I’m doing right now.

I am sharing my experience on the open platform here so that you at least few of you can save your money from them.

Have you shopped from Was your experience similar or worse than mine ?

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  1. Oh heck!! Disgusting..I was telling a preggie pal last week how she shud try firstcry for gud deals since she’s in her last month and unable to go out n roam too much…now m going to tell her not to..this is just pathetic..20days and no reply? Very unprofessional..

  2. is it? i’ve shopped from firstcry.. I didnt face any prb.. thank god.. bt willchoose cod here after.. 🙂

  3. try telling them you are going to the consumer court,this always helps.

  4. Ohhh…that’s a bad experience.I have shopped with firstcry and good life many times and received my goods within 3-4 days. I will be more cautious in shopping there in future.

  5. i had also ordered from them…since i am a working woman i am not at home to receive deliveries during the day when i conveyed this to them they said “if u want the package then you better make time” in the rudest manner possible. i never received the package and dont want to EVER.

  6. oh what a sucky customer care.. they must be selling off some faulty things in sale pretense.. buy organic food from organicshop website.. they are good…

  7. Its shocking to hear abt it. I used to purchase all his diapers from there.

  8. Once one of my order from ut took 25+days to reach…so i can understnd this irritation B-)

  9. sick website…. where these the ones who hired karishma kapoor for an ambassador??

    well they must know now.. as much we can spread the good news.. it takes little effort to spread such bad things about them too pretty easily… 🙂

  10. I thought I will be in a similar situation with Urban touch . But that was not the case . I jumped to a conclusion too soon. Urban touch provided me with wonderful customer service .

    It is really heart breaking when online website break customer s trust like this . Customer is left help less. Thank for the heads up Ana , will know which website to not go to know ! 😀

  11. i ordered the potty trainer but different one and got it delivered in 4days from FirstCry..
    i have been shopping in many websites snapdeal, homeshop18, healthkart , flipkart and many but i recommend flipkart and healthkart who delivered in 3-4 days always…
    next time when i purchase i will opt for COD…

  12. Now i know where NOT to shop online when i become a MOTHER!

    Thanks A.. for the heads up!

  13. That is soooooo strange. I buy from firstcry contstantly and the delivery is fantastic. Get my order in less than 48 hours. I had once gotten an incorrect size diaper pack and they replaced it in less than 24 hours.
    I have bought virtually everything from them for my baby and there has NEVER been an issue.

  14. Firstcry is a fraud company… Purchased a baby stroller for my 6 month old baby boy.. Stroller was defective and cant be used.. No replacement provided even after repeated pleas. Please stay away from this site

  15. Kamalika Guha Roy says:

    I ordered Avent – Naturally Express – Bottle & Babyfood Warmer order number 583176LO-47CB881, the product is not functioning / working, I either need a refund of a replacement ASAP. This was my first order from and the experience is horrible.

  16. Hey…
    I generally purchase from first cry or flipkart…flipkart offers better discounts on diapers….n I totally love them….I order from first cry only when time isnt a constraint…haven’t tried any other for my daughter…is there anything good?

  17. terrible terrible terrible
    they deliver faulty products and do not bother to reply to any queries. the customer care NEVER responds. when i went to blue dart they refused to simply accept it for further delivery. they offer huge discounts so as tu lure customers to buy their FAULTY products!! NEVER buy from here.

  18. because of this complaints, i tried searching from google and got hit to Looks like it is a startup and thought that startup will serve better as they themselves need to build relationship with customers. Hence, to check i ordered pampers active baby pants from and got it delivered safely. now will try to order craddle from there lets see….will update you guys

  19. I have not shopped with them for over 6 months now, but till I did I’ve honestly never had a problem with either goodlife or firstcry. But of late I have been noticing a lot of negative comments about them. They’ve been having pretty irate customers. Its a fantastic website if they lessen the volume of irate customers.

  20. i ordered rhyme cds for my one year old son. the first cry people say they have delivered and have collected delivery charges from me but I have not yet received my order. pls never visit site

    16-07-2013 MEDR/Digital Age /617137/ Dr 728.54

    strongly don’t recommend this sight

  22. First Cry is Totally Fake site please do not buy from this site because i have ordered one product and i received totally different from site they display product and when i talk to their customer care executive she is laugh with my problem like they have no any responsibility for customers so please friends don’t wast your time and money.. This is my order No : 991017MN38495135

  23. I am looking to buy infant clothes from firstcry. Is the quality ok? I dont bother about late delivery as far as i get the right product and at right condition. I have filled rs.10k worth in cart. After reading so many bad reviews i’m confused.

  24. never order from first cry. I have not received good quality product and then they don’t care to replace it.
    So its wastage of you time and money.

    my order number 950286MC35325001, where i received low quality product. When i complained they say they will come back to me within 48 hours and not given me complaint number. When I checked again, they say that you have not complained immediately after delivery, which i actually did, but nothing is in their database. Its not my fault that somebody dd not put it there when i complained on same day od delivery.

    very bad service.

  25. dinesh aggarwal says:

    This site and company is one of the harassing site. I ordered some item of 669 + 50 rupees shipping using my cash back coupon on 31st oct. I got a mail after after 4 days on 4th Nov that they can not supply one item of 160 rupees. They will refund only 40 rupees. There response is pathetic, non cooperative. I do not recommend to buy anything from this site.
    Dinesh Aggarwal

  26. Beware of this site.!!! I placed a order 1010756NB43C6C513 on 30th October, since 04th Nov shipment tracking is showing as delivered. But i didn’t receive the order yet. Customer care is worst ever i have seen. They transfer the call to logistics and there you will get response as we will get back in two days but they will never. They refuse to refund the money also. Worst service.

  27. I bought Amar Citra Katha (ACK) books from, almost spent 5000 Rupees, never received. contacted customer service, no reply, fortunately paid via PAYPAL and when I escalated to paypal, straight away reply came as “reorder we will refund”. never happened, so Paypal arranged byer protection, money back guarantee. If you buy anything from this, you will be crying for your mistake.
    First cry and it’s courier services are absolutely build on fraud.

  28. terrible experience with firstcry. felt like i must write about it because i will never use them again.

    placed an order; which was to be delivered in 3-4 days. which is kind of late – but i was okay with it. 8 days later and there is still no sign of it. i write to customer service, and inspite of them saying that they will revert withing 24 hours i have not heard from them. instead i have to call their call centre in mumbai and the person there tells me that they will get back to me within 72 hours

    ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. i’d rather buy my stuff from a department store…besides, who waits around for 4 days anyway.

  29. oh God, why dint i read these comments before shopping on first cry ! i received a defective breast pump with no return policy and lost 2500 rs. ?

  30. I purchased DVD’s from firstcry online it is they are not working properly and get stuck inbetween.please dont order it from online.

  31. first cry has customer cheating offers and cashback policy. Customers will never be able to use the cashback as it is complex rules. Also they are marking the price by atleast 30 to 40 % and give 20 to 30% offer on top of it. if you apply coupon the offer will be on actual price not on the margin price. Stupid and useless company. I stopped buying from them one year back.

  32. i don’t know why first cry is not putting cancel option…don’t know how to cancel an order directly from first cry website….????

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