10 Beautiful Hairstyles for Kids with Long Hair

10 Beautiful Hairstyles for Kids with Long Hair

 We all love our kid a lot definitely and thus would want her to look like a cute princess and get cuddled by everyone wherever she goes. If you want your cute little babe to look stylish and fashionable, it’s time to try new hairstyles on kids as well. Fashionable trendy hairstyles aren’t just a prerogative of the grown-ups. Even kids have every right to wear their hair up in trendy styles and look cutely fashionable. The way you dress up your kid, brush up his or her hair or the way you style it up after all mirrors your fashion consciousness and so you should pay enough heed to it.

In case your babe has long hair, it’s very important to take care of her hair so that it doesn’t get frizzy or tangled and leave your kid fussy and peevish when you try detangling her hair. In other words proper maintenance of the long hair of the kid is very necessary because your kid would all the time be playing amid mud, dirt etc and the possibility of hair turning unkempt and frizzy is very high. So thorough hair wash at least twice a week with a mild baby shampoo plus conditioner is a must. This completes the maintenance part.

Now when it comes to styling the long hairs of your babe, you are lucky enough because you have plenty of options. Just take a look below to find some of the beautiful hairstyles I often try on the long hairs of my cuttie pie:

Top knot ballerina bun:

top knot baby hairstyle

This hairstyle can really make your little one look too cute and smart and you can deck the top knot bun with a bow matching with your kid’s outfit.

Quadruple Twist Hairstyle:

Quadruple Twist Hairstyle for girls

This hairstyle looks too cute on kids who have long curly hair and for getting this hairstyle right you would require spraying gels, styling creams, ponytail holders, tiny butterfly clips (few in number).

The Unique Fishtail braid:

Fishtail braid hairstyle for girls

Give braiding a different version with the very unique fishtail braiding also called the Herring bone braid which too can look very beautiful on your kid’s long hair

The Wrapped Pony-tail style:

Wrapped Pony-tail style

This is a twist to the usual pony tail style and will definitely make the apple of your eyes grab many eye balls

French Braid:

French Braid for little girls

French Braiding is one very common long hair style for kids which most of you probably have come across. I too love it a lot on my kid mainly because of the intricate look of the hairstyle and the countless embellishment options that it has.

Single Side Dutch Braid:

Single Side Dutch Braid

The Dutch braiding on the single side hairstyle will indeed make your little one look damn smart and cute. Here too you can deck the braid with tiny butterfly clips or ribbons.

Double-twisted pony-tail hairstyle:

Double-twisted pony-tail for girls

This fluffy looking hairstyle looks good too and gives a voluminous look to your tiny tot’s hair. You can tuck flowers into the doubly twisted ponytail to glam up the get up of your little one.

Flip tail hairstyle:

Flip tail hairstyle

This hairstyle is another fantastic variation of the boring ponytail and looks truly wonderful drawing immediate attention of the onlookers to your child’s hairstyle. A ponytail holder has to be skillfully used for this particular hairstyle however.

Ponytail Veil Hairstyle:

Ponytail Veil Hairstyle

This is another kid’s hairstyle for long hair the intricacy of which will definitely elicit a ‘wow’ from the onlookers. Though it needs some patience on your part to wear up the hair of your kid in the ponytail veil style, once it’s done, you too will feel happy to be the proud mother of a beautiful kid

French braided headband hairstyle:

French braided headband hairstyle

We often tend to buy numerous types of headbands for our kids. Why not make it with the hair itself? French braids can be beautifully styled as headbands leaving the rest of the hair open. Your kid will indeed look like a queen with this hairstyle and the headband her crown!

So these are the 10 beautiful hairstyles for kids with long hairs. Whether it’s your kid’s birthday or a fancy dress show in her school or any other grand occasion in your house where you want your kid to look the best, you can definitely try these hairstyles on your kid.

Which is your favorite hair style for your little girl?

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