10 Tips To Save Your Baby Skin From Infections In Summers

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Summers are pretty harsh for our little ones, right? That sun damage and excessive heat can cause numerous problems on your baby’s sensitive skin. Right from prickly heat to itchiness caused by excessive sweating, infections can develop on your muchkin’s skin within a second but there are certainly ways to combat that effect. There are some home remedies and tips that can save your angel from this hot weather. So if you are a mommy who wants the best for your baby, keep on scrolling!

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10 Tips To Save Your Baby Skin From Infections In Summers:

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Bathing her right

baby care tips in summers

Summer heat is not proportional to the number of times you must bathe your baby. The more you bathe him/her, all the natural oils will be removed from the skin. Make sure to have the apt water temperature (preferably 38 degrees) while giving a good bath. Also, don’t make her bath more than twice a day even on the hottest days.

Applying talcum powder

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There is a huge debate among baby skin care experts about the use of talcum powder on the baby skin. But to keep your baby fresh in this rotten heat of summer, you have to use a good and mild talcum powder. But make sure that doesn’t come in contact with the eyes or mouth. Also, you should apply a thin layer on the skin and not put too much.

Using Neem Water


Neem is a natural antibacterial agent that helps to cure rashes and infections in the skin. This is one of the ancient Indian recipes to keep rashes and infections at bay. After giving your kid a regular bath, make sure to rinse her well in neem water. This will help to clean her skin from within and also soothe her itchy skin.

Using Cotton Clothes

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Cotton Clothes are essential in summers as they help the skin to breathe. Synthetic or nylon clothes are pretty harsh on the skin and can’t help eliminate the sweat. So if you make your child wear soft cotton clothes, there is less possibility that your little pastry will have infections.

Changing the diaper often

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Changing the diaper more often can help prevent summer infections like diaper rashes. Diapers, when kept for a long period of time, can lead to fungal infections on those little cuties which can be pretty irritating and can make your little angel sad. ­čÖü Make sure to change the diaper every few hours.

Using mild and gentle soap

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Whenever you bathe your baby, make sure to use a very mild soap or body cleanser. Only water can’t help to get rid of sweat and dust from the skin and so a mild soap is needed. This will help to keep the baby skin fresh and your baby less prone to infection.

Keeping her cool

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Feeding your baby with fruits and other food items that gives a cooling effect inside out is one of the best ways to keep him/her cool. Watermelon, cucumber, vegetable juices and some other home drinks help to keep her cool from inside. Also, make sure your little muffin is always in light and cotton garments which can let her skin breathe to avoid any sort of heat infections.

Sunburn at bay

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Sunburn is practically dangerous for a baby as it can cause┬ámalignant melanoma – one of the deadliest kinds of skin cancer. So you must know how important it is to keep sunburn at bay for your rose. You can wash her whole body with a damp cloth followed by Aloe Vera gel to soothe the body. Then you can apply some sunscreen before heading out into the sun to protect the skin. But always make sure to ask the doctor for the recommended product.

Bye Bye Prickly Heat 

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Summer Heat Rash or Prickly heat is something which can make anyone cranky, leave alone that poor little one. It is characterised by redness all over the body including face and neck. The best way to prevent those little monsters is to keep away your baby from sunlight and heat as far as possible. Also, make sure to give him/her a lukewarm bath with some soothing lotion afterwards.

Insect Bites No more

insect bites

For insect bites, always remember prevention is better than cure. Firstly dress the little soul in a full-sleeve light weight dress with long pants to cover his/her whole body and making sure she stays in a clean place all day long. But if somehow an insect bite is bothering her, just wash that area with a mild soap and wet cloth and apply some mild calamine lotion to soothe. Also, you can consult your paediatrician and ask for some insect repellant suitable for that little one.

That’s all mums! Have a safe summer for those loves <3

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