100 Indian Baby Boy Names


My friend recently delivered a baby boy. After chatting about the experience I just popped the usual question of baby name. She said nothing has been decided so far and the search is still on. And I suddenly realized that I had left the topic of naming list here half way.

Baby girl names? There is a link here.

indian baby boy name+indian baby names for boys

Baby boy names? Oh! There was no link here. :-P. I had to list down at least few and help mother’s with baby boys too.Β  πŸ™‚.

Traditional ways of naming a baby boy:

When it is a new born boy in Indian homes, it is usually default that he is named after one of his late ancestors and blessed.Β  There is a practice of naming after the family god too (be it of any practicing religion).Β  And if the baby is born on any of the festive day, then the diety/god associated with that day is chosen as the baby name.

It is the sentiments of the family and the parents that goes in the naming of the new member among them.

100 Indian Baby Boy Names:

Here are a few names which I felt interesting. I hope the list appeals to all of you. πŸ™‚. As for me I like names for boys that begin with β€œA”.

  1. Aalok
  2. Abhijith
  3. Abhilaash
  4. Abhiman
  5. Abhinav
  6. Abhiram
  7. Achintya
  8. Adhvith
  9. Adithya
  10. Agraj
  11. Ajay
  12. Akshaj
  13. Angaj
  14. Ankit
  15. Anmol
  16. Anish
  17. Anuj
  18. Aman
  19. Ambar
  20. Amogh
  21. Arjun
  22. Arun
  23. Arush
  24. Arvind
  25. Arpith
  26. Aviraj
  27. Ayush
  28. Ayushman
  29. Bhaveesh
  30. Bhuwan
  31. Charan
  32. Chiranth
  33. Daksh
  34. Darsh
  35. Darshan
  36. Dheeraj
  37. Ishaan
  38. Gambhir
  39. Gagan
  40. Gagan deep
  41. Gautham
  42. Jay
  43. Jigar
  44. Kailash
  45. Karthikey
  46. Kaushik
  47. Kaushal
  48. Kedar
  49. Krishna
  50. Karan
  51. Hari
  52. Hrishikesh
  53. Hruday
  54. Manas
  55. Manhar
  56. Mandar
  57. Manish
  58. Mayur
  59. Mohith
  60. Madhoor
  61. Megha Shayam
  62. Mukund
  63. Nandan
  64. Nihar
  65. Ninad
  66. Om
  67. Om Veer
  68. Pankaj
  69. Pawan
  70. Piyush
  71. Pradyumna
  72. Prajnan
  73. Pratham
  74. Preetham
  75. Saathwik
  76. Sanjith
  77. Sanketh
  78. Sarang
  79. Sathyajeeth
  80. Shyam
  81. Shripad
  82. Sumedh
  83. Sumith
  84. Surya
  85. Rakshith
  86. Rakshan
  87. Ram
  88. Roopesh
  89. Tanmay
  90. Tarak
  91. Tarun
  92. Tapas
  93. Tejas
  94. Vaishak
  95. Vilas
  96. Vikas
  97. Vishnu
  98. Vishnupad
  99. Uday
  100. Ullas

How do you feel the list is? I hope it helped……..!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

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  1. I don’t know which one to pick still..Choosing a name is so difficult na .

  2. No names starting wid Z?? πŸ™

  3. Ha ha nice compilation Ana! Every name of these make me remember some naughty student, some crazy cousin or friend πŸ™‚

    I have always liked the names Aditya, Arjun, Vikram (makes me think of Vikramaditya).

  4. Wow! That’s a lovely list n there r many unique ones here πŸ™‚ Btw…i read the last name as Ultas!! πŸ˜€

  5. lolz…thank God u didnt read Ullu πŸ˜›

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