20 Must Have Tulika Publications Books For Kids

20 Must Have Tulika Publications Books For Kids

Reading is something every mother should start as early as the kid turns two years old! From bed time stories to reading sessions, you should make sure their your kids are more inclined towards reading than using gadgets for reading like kindle or mobiles because as they grow up they won’t find the books appealing if they don’t have a habit from the initial stages!

interactive reading books babies

My daughter has grown up now and it feels really great that I have been able to instill reading habits in her and she really enjoys it and doesn’t dread at all when I ask her about a particular book to read!

one year old baby books from head to toe

So now she has finished most of the books I got her from the World Book Fair over few years, due to her reading addiction, and now many of her books are not up to her level so I sold them online a few days ago! I really feel great that now some other kid can read those books instead of these getting wasted if I gave them to the scrap-dealer!

what the ladybird heard sound book

You can also donate these books to a child orphanage and see how those kids would look to have these books! 🙂

Well, now that many of her junior level books are gone, I thought now I will carefully pick meaningful & interesting books for her which also instill good thoughts in her mind! Well, I recently stumbled on books from Tulika Publications which are mainly the books which are setup in the Indian context. Usually we have seen books from foreign writers and depicts a lifestyle they follow, but we need to get our kids acquainted with the Indian contexts as well and there is no shame in that!

You can checkout the 20 books I sorted which you too can get for your kids!

  1. Rooster Raga

rooster raga book

Do roosters sing ragas? Ruru does, but like all true artistes, discovers it after a struggle! This foot-tapping story, vibrantly illustrated, invites readers to move and sing, clap and tap along with the animated Ruru and friends.

Price: INR 135 Buy it from here

2. What Did You See?

what did you see book

Amma is surprised that Meera has seen no animals at the zoo — not a monkey, or a lion, or even a giraffe! Zestful pictures capture the hilarious inversion of role play.

Price: INR 30 Buy it from here

3. The Trickster Bird

The Trickster Bird

A humorous grandma story about a smart partridge, which gently draws attention to the plight of the Paardhi tribals of Madhya Pradesh who have had to leave the forest to become ragpickers in the city.

Price: INR 98 Buy it from here

4. Wings To Fly

Wings To Fly

Little Malathi wants to run after hens and chicks and catch the ripe yellow mangoes as they fall but how can she, on a wheelchair? She grows up to show that she can do much, much more! Moments and experiences from the remarkable life of disabled athlete Malathi Holla, told simply and sensitively, bring out her determination and untiring spirit.

Price: INR 135 Buy it from here

5. Hey, That’s An A

's An A

With silly verse, fun puns and exuberant visuals that play with letter shapes, this is a zany, never-before introduction to the English alphabet. Already a hit in classrooms for teaching the ABC!

Price: INR 195 Buy it from here

6. Sameer’s House

's House

A popular idea is re-presented in a new, appealing way to show how everyone is connected. The strong illustrations are a visual journey of expanding horizons, from house to universe.

Price: INR 120 Buy it from here

7. The Never Ending Story

The Never Ending Story

Grandmother tells a story that never ends, and then another! A chain story typical of folktales, its stylised illustrations provide unusual perspectives

Price: INR 70 Buy it from here

8. The Lonely King And Queen

the lonely king and queen

A lonely king and queen hear a voice calling out to them and getting louder by the minute. A one-of-a-kind bedtime story which handles the issue of adoption with sensitivity.

Price: INR 108 Buy it from here

9. Home

HOME by Nina Sabnani

Brilliantly adapted from a traditional storytelling form, the kaavad, this unusual stand-up book offers a contemporary, interactive look at ideas of identity and belonging.

Price: INR 267 Buy it from here



Sonabai lives by making and selling sweets with berries from her tree. All is well until Kolaba the fox enters the scene. A Marathi folktale with stylised paper-cut illustrations.

Price: INR 81 Buy it from here

11. Kali And The Rat Snake

kali and the rat snake

Kali is an Irula, traditionally snake-catchers, and so his classmates find him strange. Will Kali ever make friends? A sensitive story about identity with evocative water-colour pictures.

Price: INR 128 Buy it from here

12. Busy Busy Grand-Ant

Busy Busy Grand-Ant

A cheery travel quiz to jog the mind and swing the imagination. Grand-Ant’s journey is recorded in pictures that are a mix of childlike drawings and sophisticated art.

Price: INR 122 Buy it from here

13. Radha Finds The Circle (Bilingual)

radha finds the circle

Radha draws a circle but it keeps running away. Strong pictures entice readers into searching for the circle.

Price: INR 86 Buy It From Here

14. Four Friends ( English + Hindi)

four friends

Big Hunter catches poor Deer in a net. Can Deer’s friends help him escape? A well-loved fable about friendship and resourcefulness. With evocative art inspired by Bengal’s patachitra paintings.

Price: INR 77 Buy It From Here

15. The Snake And The Frogs

The Snake And The Frogs

The old snake is punished — but the frogs had better watch out! An unusual telling, which swings sympathy in favour of the snake. Stunning pictures are based on Channapatna wooden toys.

Price: INR 85 Buy It From Here

16. Talkative Tortoise

talkitive tortoise

Yak yak yak… the tortoise loves to talk. What will it take to shut him up? The clipped narrative style is offset by detailed illustrations in the style of kalamkari textiles from Andhra Pradesh.

Price: INR 67 Buy It From Here

17. Bhoomi’s Story – Space

's Story - Space

Bhoomi the gentle planet plays games with her friend, Moon, traces star patterns, watches blazing comets whizz by… It’s exciting to live in space!

Price: INR 108 Buy It From Here

18. Why are You Afraid to Hold My Hand?

This book offers straight-from-the-heart answers to common doubts and misconceptions about disability. The childlike drawings are as simple and powerful as the short poems.

Price: INR 77 Buy It From Here

19. Ismat’s Eid

's Eid

A crisp adaptation of a delightful Turkish tale about Ismat and his Eid purchases. The illustrations capture the humour and cultural resonances of the story.

Price: INR 135 Buy It From Here

20. The Kite Tree (Bilingual)

the kite tree

The kite tree changes. Its leaves fall, they grow back, flowers appear… But that’s not all. Text and pictures celebrate the seasons and the special surprises they spring!

Price: INR 144  Buy It From Here

Hope you find these books interesting! Do check them out and you can gift it to the young members of the family & motivate them to read good books more and more!

Have you read books from Tulika Publications before?


  1. Really nice books for toddlers. I’ll surely get a few for my 3 year old daughter. She will absolutely love them, especially the audio book.

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