36th Week Pregnancy Baby Weight & Baby Movement

Hi Everyone,

My scan came out perfectly normal and I am quite relieved. Although before going to the scan I’d skipped a meal and my  baby‘s heart beat went down. I have been a little lazy in taking regular meals and got a good scolding from everyone around for this attitude. I myself felt guilty for not following a proper routine. The reason is that baby has taken so much of room I am not able to eat my normal meal in one go. I require frequent meals which some time becomes tough for me  or I should say I lack interest.

36th Week Pregnancy Baby Weight & Baby Movement I read that by now, breathing should be easy for me but in my case I still get breathless often. Also, the doc said that baby has still not dropped down into pelvis so I guess I still have good number of days in my hands . I do feel the pressure in my lower abdomen but that is something which I have been feeling since past four weeks. It is getting increasingly tough day by day as now I am not able to sit , sleep or stand for long. Thankfully as I don’t have to cook, clean  or do any other house hold work, I don’t feel pressurized which I use to when my maids use to eat my heads  or made me frustrated with their irregularity and frequent leaves.

My doctor has advised me to walk for atleast an hour a day and it’s rather annoying because I don’t feel comfortable at all. All I like to do is reading a bit, blogging and sleeping most of the time 🙂

This weekend K paid a visit to us and it was a nice change. I was just living a fairy tale life with him being my side – this is all I want right now .I am trying to be as active as possible but not as much as my doc has asked me to.

Labor Pain Symptoms And Signs:-

 I have been asked to call the doctor immediately when the baby activity decreases or I find amniotic fluid leaking out but I don’t think so this is going to happen soon. Since last three days, I am facing headache which subsides when I sleep for a while. There is abdominal pain every now and then which I overcome when I eat or drink something. Although there is no sign of bleeding .

Travelling During 36th Week:-

I do feel trapped and utterly bored and feel like going out althoug lot of my friends and relatives keep paying me visit but I am some one who can not stay at home for too long . Final month certainly is testing my patience. Forget about flights or train I am not allowed to travel for 2-3 hours also because baby can knock on the door any time .aah! it certainly not easy to be a mommie.

Labor Pain Fear

 I want a normal delivery (without C section)and yes! like all the ladies of the world I too get cold feet and feel nervous about labor pain. Thoughts like  – whether I will be able to handle the pain etc keep hitting me but then I just think of other positive things. I am not the “only” women who is going to do this and there are women who faced this in much less sterile places with no support so why can’t I when I have so much of support , help and love around. My body is doing what is needed and moreover every day and minute which passes by brings me more and more closer to my baby. I am just going to be really strong and will take everything as it comes with the thought in my mind “this shall pass”

P.S – My maternity bag things have arrived I will be showing you some of the cute stuff which I got 🙂 Really excited 🙂

How did you deal with Labor pain fear ?Did you face the same symptoms which I am facing nowadays in my 36th week of pregnancy ?

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36th Week Pregnancy Baby Weight Movement & Symptoms


  1. Hey don’t worry abt Labor Pain. Keep yourself informed about facts. As my cousin’s wife told me, If its not what you can bear God wouldn’t want you to go through it.

    As for me, I never gave it a thought coz’ thinking abt it scared me. I just went along with the flow. Only thing I was feeling better about was that My mom had less labour hrs. And I too gave birth in 4 hrs.

    As I said keep yourself informed but dont think abt it. Go with the flow.

  2. anaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i will cry now 🙂 i want to see you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo badly baby XOXO 🙂

  3. Don’t worry Baby..everything will be fine….since you are being so active, you will have a very quick delivery..can say that from the experience of some of my friends…btw, I am sure you must have talked to your gynae about this..Have you thought about taking epidurals..? I will pray that your labour goes painless and quick..Big hug to you..

  4. thanks Prachi..i did speak to my doc about it albeit i will try to avoid it but if i am not able to tolerate the pain then wont have any option .:)

    i am sure yur wishes will help me 🙂 lots of love

    • first up let me say, i have not had a baby, or any experience of a baby especially delivery around me. but i used to interview obstetricians for a gender study i was doing, and this is what one of them said, that the difference between an epidural and a non-epidural is only that , epidural is going to a place by AC compartment, while non-epidural is like travelling in general dabba. you reach teh place at your body’s natural time, just that you have a bit more energy than the one who went without them. so dont hesitate to go for an epidural if u so feel… i found it funny then, but it was a simple explanation of complicated procedure which i had no clue about since i didnt have medical or personal experience either.

      also like salma mentioned, drugs to induce labor work differently on different people , but oxytocin (drug used to induce labor) is not at all connected to an epidural…

    • I remember demanding epidural during the contraction and telling them I don’t need it after the contraction. I was alone :(. They wudnt let my mom with me and since it was induced suddenly my hubby wasnt able to be there with me.

  5. i had induced labor.. i was induced in the morning nothin happened to me.. my hubby was shocked coz the drips which wud hav ran any woman into labor jus did not work for me.. they doubled the dose n somethin started happenin.. lol.. i delivery at 11:59pm… the whole day!! n i lik scaryin ppl wid my labor stories but i wont do it wid u coz ur close enough.. n its very frustrating in the last month coz u don no wen u’l deliver n wait looks endless!!

  6. How long did your pain last?

    • lasted a long time actually.. i opted for epidural anesthesia.. that helped in quick delivery.. 1st my mom asked me not to.. but my hubby asked me to go ahead wid it (i assume u no my hubby is a doc since i’d mentioned before).. the epidural was not continuous. as in they gave me shots wen ever it got worst.. continuous epidural is not recommended coz if the pain keeps subsiding they wont know when is the time for delivery.. rely don bother.. it’l al happen accordingly.. i kicked the nurse n pushed my husband off wen he acted al filmy n held my hand.. lmao.. but the important thing is follow the docs instructions carefully even wen the pain is unbearable… n keep encouraging urself abt how proud ur gonna b after this.. n after its done u’l b in shock how ppl hav so many kids!! lol.. but as days pass by u’l no exactly y.. lol… is it too much gyan??

  7. I took epidural too n it still hurt like crrrazy!!! I hope am not scaring u sweety…my sincere advice is that if ure planning to take epidural, take it early. The mistake i made was that i decided to forgo it first. Then when the pain got unbearable i asked for it. I took dose after dose after dose but i still could not tolerate the pain. It took me by surprise coz am generally more resilient to pain when compared to most girls lol! Anyways, thanks to my amazingly encouraging doc i had a normal delivery 🙂 Btw…i know quite a few who took epidural n had a very comfortable delivery…so do decide in advace 🙂

  8. same here Naf..i think i can bear lot of pain but those who think this way often end up having intolerable pain friend who was always ready for c section took epidural and had easy delivery but as far as i know i wont be taking it.

    • hehehe ana tel me after u deliver if u took or no.. even i said the same thing.. but ended up takin it… i agree wid nafisa u shud take it earlier only.. even i was askin for another dose lik some drug addict beggin for drugs but the stupid nurse didnt n then the doc came n scolded her!! 😛

  9. Madhura says:

    so nice to see moms sharing their experience.

    Have u read “what to expect while expecting”? that would have answered most of ur doubts.

    I was pregnant with twins and my doc kept telling me i would deliver any time in the last trimester. but that nvr happened. Even though my babies were good weight babies i did not get any labor pain.
    The movements became less and less as days passed and i would run to the doc every 2 days to chk the heart beat of babies. my blood pressure shot up and some complications cropped up due to which i had to deliver through c-section 3 weeks prior to due date.
    If I had to have normal delivery i had to go through the pain twice. coz one of my twins was in breech position. so after delivering one baby i had to wait for the other baby to turn . if the baby did not turn then i should have gone through aided delivery. these things didn’t happen due to sudden complications.

    But believe me I was all ready to go through the pain.

    Hope u have a safe delivery.

    • HI Madhura..heard lot abt the book but didnt get the chance or the time..:(and twins..omg! i am not even able to handle a single child takes so much of your energy.

      • Madhura says:

        now buy the second in series
        “what to expect in the first year” .
        would be of great help while raising the baby.

        The feeling of being a mother is the same whether u have a single baby or twins.
        only when they r born u trouble or joy increases by twofolds.

  10. Its so exciting reading all this..I knw how totally impatient we get when the ninth month arrives..most of the times I felt like going to the hospital and asking the doctor to just get the baby out…nwaz ab toh thoda hi time hai..yay!!! I am so so excited..n we want baby bag pics too

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