36th Week Pregnancy Baby Weight Movement & Symptoms

When I reached my mom’s place, I was pampered like anything and being a PCOS patient I gained 4 kg of weight with in ten days! My Gynae asked me to control on salt, sugar and walk for one hour every day. Last week, in my 35th week she then checked my weight and found it to be constant. It’s a little strange to see how a week’s check up turns out to be so different from previous, although I have been  pretty much normal in my eating habits and didn’t eat any junk food or outside food whatsoever. If I get to eat simple mom cooked food I need nothing else in my life 🙂 I just gorge on her food like crazy therefore there is no craving of anything in particular beside Maggi which I keep control of.

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Baby Movements :- 36th Week

When  doc informed me that I should have gained some weight I got little hyper and started noticing baby movements and found that baby doesn’t seem as active as it was before. With more research I found it to be a normal symptoms because at this point of time baby is running out of  space in the present home 🙂

My Activities:-36th Week:-

I walk half an hour in morning then 15 minutes after lunch and  half an hour in evening and try to make it two hours a day but still have not managed to complete  two hours till date.I do some deep breathing exercise for 10-15 minutes and some stretching if I don’t forget. Beside the exercises, I just do my regular blogging work and nothing else.I don’t feel that active any more but the way every one told me about how difficult the nine month will be I am not relating it to that (touch wood). I am pretty much relaxed and calm and trying to accept that I am going to be in labor soon.

In these last weeks one does get desperate and wants the baby to be delivered ASAP but what keeps me going is the fact that every day which my baby spends in the womb increases her chances of the prevention from breathing difficulties. Like all mommies I want my baby to have the best of health  therefore I don’t mind even if the s/he decides to stay for little longer.I have waited for the child so long so don’t mind few more weeks of wait .

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On the other hand good news is that by the end of this week my pregnancy will be full term and I can give birth any time.Babies which are born between 37th – 42 weeks are considered full terms and those bore before that will be pre mature so its final that my baby won’t be premature now 🙂

I remember checking week by week pregnancy detail on youtube thinking if  my baby is born now how s/he will look like and how will I take care of my baby then.Thankfully  I have made it to my full term 🙂 yeyeyey!

Baby Weight – 36th Week :-

My baby should supposedly be gaining weight which is around 28 grams a day but my weight is  stuck and I don’t know why. I hope everything is normal .I have my scan tomorrow and am really praying that every thing turns out well in the end. If I update tomorrow that means everything is fine 🙂

Do Share Your 36th week or end trimester experience 🙂


  1. evy thin will b gud……gud luck…u got d bestess wishes of wise she readers……….

  2. aww everything will be fine as it has been till date 😀 😀 chikki is probably taking a li’l rest cz he/she will come with full zor-shor and also because the home is small to wander here n there na 😛 😉 Congratulations on completing ur full term, so from next month we can expect good news anytime 😀 😀 btw how will u update regarding your labor and delivery ?? 😀 😀

  3. Aww! i wana see ur scan too!! Pintoo is coming so soon…i cant believe seem slike just yesterday that u told me u were preggie….how time fliess…..pintoo is so big now! 🙂

    • Zee i don even understand the scan….what will u do seeing it..but its true it seems as if it was yesterday when i told u abt my pregnancy 🙂

  4. Hey Ana! Congrats on your 36th week. 🙂 I’m glad to see this post, will be regular to babyblog now. And I’m also preggo,mine is d 25th week. 🙂

  5. All the best!! Don’t worry! Everything will be fine..

  6. how was ur scan?? Hope all is going well

  7. Anu….mujhe bhi chunmun ko dekhna hai…lots of love and hugs to you….

  8. mom ke haath ka khaana…yummm!! 😀

  9. eagerly waiting for the gud news 🙂
    god bless u all 🙂 :-*

  10. Revathy says:

    don worry abt anythin Ana… all will go very good for you… we are all here wit u 😀

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