5 Best Diapers For Your Newborn Baby

Buying the perfect diaper for a newborn is not easy. The skin of newborns is soft and sensitive and so is very prone to diaper-rashes. These days many companies have come out with diapers that are gentle on the skin of your little one. Such diapers have soft covers and elastics. They dry quickly and stay good for long hours. Here are some good diaper brands for your newborn-

Pampers Active Baby Diapers


diaper brands for newborns

These diapers have great absorbency to prevent leakage. They have soft cotton like outer cover to prevent skin irritation. There is a balloon stretch tape for comfortable fit. This tape expands and ensures that your baby’s skin is safe from rashes. Pampers diapers also have hypoallergenic lotion with Aloe Vera extract which reduces the risk of allergies and soothes your baby’s skin.

Mamy Poko Pants


best diaper brands for newborns

Easy to wear and comfortable as well, Mamy Poko Pants are designed in a smart pant style which makes changing easier and also fits your baby more comfortably. These pants have easy fit, good breathability allowing free flow of air and soft texture. The maxi absorbent core perfectly absorbs up to 6 glasses of fluid effortlessly. The all-round protection prevents any kind of leakage from the sides or other areas ensuring a completely dry and healthy baby skin. The tear-away side seams allow taking the diaper off your baby with considerable ease.

Huggies Dry Diaper


diapers for newborns

Huggies diapers have cloth-like airfresh cover which allows free flow of air. These also feature a speed dry layer and quick lock system to help stop leaks for as much as 6 wettings. This diaper spreads fluid throughout the pad aiming to provide your little angels with unparalleled comfort throughout the day.

Bumgenius Newborn Cloth Diapers


best diaper brands newborns

This all-in-one cloth diaper has the absorbent layer integrated into the waterproof outer layer. It goes on in one step. There is no stuffing, no diaper cover and no folding. It is very easy to use. These fantastic all-in-one diapers are made with an outer fabric that is safe to wash in hot water. The closures are hook & loop, just like disposable diapers. The inner-core is ultra-absorbent. The lining fabric keeps your baby’s bottom dry. The tabs stretch and fit easily. The ultra-gentle leg elastic prevents leakage and red marks on skin. They are intended for a newborn and fit low, below the navel, to keep the umbilical area dry.

Huggies Wonder Pants


newborn diapers best

These pants have waistband made of soft elastic which is gentle on the little one’s skin. These have a  cottony soft material. These diapers have a soft-hug design which wraps around your baby’s bottom and forms a cushion-like protection. These diapers have a blue speed dry layer which pulls in the liquid instantly and leaves your baby’s skin dry. Designed for the sensitive skin of babies, these diapers help prevent rashes.

Have you tried any of these diapers for your baby?

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