5 Common Baby Jewels

India is a land of jewels; be it gold or silver or any other material. Every generation has jewelries to satisfy the taste and needs. Like wise, baby jewelries are given importance too. It would be very unfair if a discussion of baby jewelry is not popped up on this blog.

A short list of most common baby jewelries followed in most Indian traditions.

Bangles:  Baby bangles come in such cute forms that it is very difficult to resist from buying. The most common style of baby bangle is the black-bead bangles. The style is either a continuous string of black beads; or black beads alternated with gold/silver balls. These black beaded bangles are believed to keep the evil eyes away from the baby.

Have you observed Aishawarya Rai’s baby girl? Looks like her baby has a string of corals too. It is believed that Corals keep the baby healthy.




I have seen the similar black beaded bangles on Shilpa Shetty’s son too (on a news page.).

Apart from these beaded bangles, there are options of plain gold/or silver bangles to decorate the babies hands. Latest jewel designs include some screwed, fancy and enamel painted gold bangles too. These fancy bangles might not be a good choice as there is a high chance of baby getting hurt.

Anklets: The right time for the anklet is when babies begin to crawl forward. The jingles in the ankle chain make a very soothing sound. The babies too enjoy the sound of the anklets.


baby anklet


There are varieties of style and design of baby anklets to choose from. When it comes to baby anklets, the jewelers do not compromise with the design collection. I have experienced this. Usually, only silver anklets are found. Some stiff bangle like structure with open ends and jingling balls at intervals, some chain like structure with hooks to close the ankle chain; every thing looks attractive on a baby’s ankle.




Chains: A thin non fancy chain is the best choice for a baby. Some go for coral chain too considering the health belief it carries. Baby chains also have sought lot of importance.

I do not prefer chain in the neck of the baby when it is just the tummy-up phase of the baby. There is hardly and space for a chain in the neck of the baby. It would just irritate the baby. The ideal time for a baby chain according to me is 1 year and above.

Wait Chain: Waist Chain too carries some Indian valued beliefs in it. It is believed that waist chain brings strength to the back of the baby giving strength to sit upright straight and more activities. Gold or silver waist chains are usually chosen for a baby. These waist chains too come with one-or-two tiny balls and they make mild jingling sound. Waist chains will have to be custom made as the baby grows; because they are usually found in the size of babies within 6 months.



If not for gold and silver, I have seen people using silk threads too around the waist of their babies. Some how, people make sure there is some thing or the other tied around their baby’s waist.

Ear ring: This is one jewel which will need the baby to undergo pain. A mother’s heart weeps more than the baby weeps. I know. It varies from region to region, culture to culture about piercing the baby’s ears.

Baby earrings are so damn cute that many adult ladies too opt for their second ear shots; some use for their primary ear ring hole too. It looks very casual and stylish.



It depends on the mother’s choice and style when it comes to selecting jewelries for her baby. It reflects her taste. Some go for all gold, some go for all silver, some go for mixed type both gold and silver; and some will prefer that is other than gold and silver

Some day I will show you all the baby jewels I bought for my daughter. It makes me so sad that she does not agree to wear anything. She has messed with the shape of her bangles. :-(. She even threw her silver anklet into the dustbin; and luckily I got a glance of it before throwing off everything.


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  1. prerana sharma says:

    just a casual joke Ana…atleast anvika learnt that things which we don’t want, should go into dustbin !! LOL!!

    and, even my Raima too refuses to wear accessories…specialy hairband! I made her wear anklets (silver payal) when she ws around 7-8 months but the day she started walking, she refused it too…may be it irritated her skin while playing…now she only wears bangles…that too when i show her “see…M’Ma is wearing bangles” she keeps it on happily!

  2. Aww the baby looks so cute 🙂 touchwood … The beaded corals is believed to remove the negative dosha / evil eye as you said ..

    All the jewels look so good and its like revisiting my baby’s jewels 🙂 But my baby is a pakka tomboy Chandani , she will pull out everything right from bangles to anklets as of now she is a free bird .let her grow up and accessorise if she likes , thats our resort now 😛

  3. My baby wears everything ..May be after some time she will start having her opinions..Right now she doesn’t know how to remove her bangles 🙂

    Also, i have to show you a very pretty locket sent by Zara to me for Anvika..

  4. Navneet Thethi says:

    those anklets looks so cute

  5. Tarun Preet says:

    Ana, does Anvi wear earings ? Chandni , wats ur princess’ name ?

  6. No…we haven’t got her ear pierced.

  7. hi all mummies…
    reading this got a smile on my face all my anklets,necklace,hairbands all landed in teh dustbin after which they got quietly packed off!!!my son at 8 months or so just yanked off his gold bangle out of the auto …and my daughter in order to take it off twisted her wrist that a nerve got stuck and made her arm blue!!!!i i wish i had a child who would dress up!!!

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