5 Medicines/Remedies For Loose Motion in Babies

 With the gift of a new born baby, you are also given loads of responsibilities. The foremost among the responsibilities is the monitoring of the health. All moms will agree with me.The major problem in small children is digestions. I have had so much of problem in this regard  with my baby.

When we visit the doctor we tend to know whether the medicines which we are giving are rightly prescribed by the doctor or not.I thought of listing down  few of the popular remedies which are advised by the doctor to babies.Please be sure that whenever your baby experience any kind of loose motion /diarrhea you should consult the doctor.These are just methods which we have been tried in my family, friends  and by me as well.

  baby dairrhea

  1. ORS is the first step you have to turn towards. There is quantity of water prescribed on the sachet that is to be mixed for 1 sachet of ORS powder.
  2. Zinc suspension helps a lot in infants suffering from loose motion. Z & D drops is the most prescribed one. My pediatrician does so. Ofcourse, these should be given only after consulting your pediatrician.
  3. Bifilac Probiotic Syrup is the most effective I have experienced for my daughter. Loose motion, may it be due to any reason, this oral suspension for babies help to cope up with the situation. This is a powder medicine that needs to be mixed with clean drinking water before use. Once the water is added, the medicine can be used for a maximum of 5 days. Rest should be discarded.
  4. I have heard my friend (who is also a mother) mention about Entrogermina being prescribed for her daughter. It has helped in controlling the situation greatly.
  5. Darolac sachets are the most prescribed ones for infants by the pediatrician.Seen one of my relative giving to her baby.

Of all the above ORS, Zinc Suspension and Bifilac are the ones I have experienced for my baby and have good result.

Do let us know what you have used and has worked the most for you in baby Loose motion for you

P.S – Doctor’s examination is a must to identify what has caused loose motion in your baby. Do not self medicate.Above medications are just for references.

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  1. Great post Chandani! I have used Enterogemina and Darolac for my daughter as well as Zinc suspension and truly they are very good. I would also recommend the intake of probiotic curd to help ease the stomach.

  2. 5month baby loos motion. what are the best medicne for her

  3. In how much time u daughter became alright

  4. my baby is having loose motions from 2 days…plz recommend some good medicines…..he is not havi.g anything instead of milk tea and water

  5. Pincome says:

    Is bifilac an antibiotic?

  6. Pincome says:

    Is bifilac an antibiotic?
    Is it necessary to ask pedia before giving it.

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  8. 3months baby loose motion

  9. pradeep pradhan says:

    1year 5month baby loos motion. What are the best madicin for him.

  10. Shriya basu says:

    Enterogermina, sporlac and z&D dry powder suspension.these three medicine are really good and I m using for my baby whenever he got sick with loose motion.

  11. How much we will give to five months baby

  12. Antonious steward says:

    Shall I keep in the Z&D powder in fridge
    after mixing water?my baby 4 months old

  13. Mosfika jahan says:

    2 month baby loose motion.what are the best medicine for her

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