About the “Peppertap” application! – Review

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About the “Peppertap” application!

Hello all my sweet readers!

I hope all of you are doing fine and enjoying the monsoon season! Monsoons, though pleasant and oh-so-beautifully romantic, bring with them the most dreaded “traffic jams”—and I bet, all of you agree to my statement!

Pepper Tap App Shopping Sections

Shopping groceries is customary in each household—it’s sort of inevitable. The daily staples of the house, especially kitchen, need to be replenished quite regularly. I have never been a fan of grocery shopping—especially the fact that I have to push around the heavy goods laden basket or carrying the heavy bags through the exhaustive parking of the multi-storey grocery stores.

Maybe there were a few more lazy bums like me (or let me say, super-busy) who hated grocery shopping as much as I do! And thanks to such people, online grocery shopping apps were introduced in the Indian online markets. Almost everything has reached the online portal these days, so how could grocery be left behind?

Pepper Tap App Mobile Verification

What is the peppertap app?

Flowing with the on-going trend of online grocery shopping, there is one more online portal which has started selling groceries and provides your required products, right at your door-step! The pepper tap is available both for androids as well as iPhones—both on Google play store and apple store, and it is absolutely free to download!

You just download the Peppertap application on your phone, browse through the not-too-vast, but still manageable selection of products, add the required items to your basket and check out; complete the transaction, enter your address and wait for the products to be delivered to your doorstep.

What the application claims?

The peppertap application has some seriously sky-reaching claims—but we need to try the website for ourselves to actually see if the app really fulfils all the claims! The application, which is quite user friendly (full marks for their UI), claims to offer absolutely free home-delivery (to areas which it works in currently) when our order is above 250 INR! Plus, the app even promises to deliver the goods well within two hours of your ordering—I have some doubts with that although!

General reviews from the users!

Although some people were really impressed with the delivery and spontaneity of the goods deliverance; whilst some people even have had really bad experiences while shopping through the peppertap app.

One of my friends, who tried online grocery shopping for the first time from the peppertap app, had some really mixed reviews for the same! According to her, the quality of the products dispatched was average, the delivery time—which she entered as between 12-to-2—came well after 8pm the other day! But again, she even said that the variety of products on the app, though not astoundingly great, was of a relatively acceptable amount! And I agree to her. The products of daily staples are well within reach through the pepper tap.

Have you tried the peppertap application yet?

You can download the app from here


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