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Hi Anamika,

This is Preetha from Indian Beauty Journal. First of all, thank you so much for wishing on my pregnancy. I need some suggestions from you about what skincare products I can use. Since you are a beauty and baby blogger, you would be the right person to guide as my doctor is too busy to answer questions about face washes. I am in my 4th month now and my face is full of acne and scars. I have been using Vichy Normaderm Face Wash for the last 4-5 years and it is the only one working for me till date. However, it does contain Salicylic acid. Is it safe to continue with Vichy? I had read on Wiseshe that Clinique 3 step is safe during pregnancy but Clinique also contains salicylic acid and alcohol. Are they safe? If not, which brands would you suggest for me? I have used Forest Essentials but it is too mild and dos not help control acne. The Body Shop Teatree face wash also worked to an extent. Please help me out.


acne and skin care pregnancy


Hi Preetha,

Congratulations again !

I am not an acne expert  but I did lot of research during my pregnancy for my occasional acne burst out  and this is what  I learnt.

1)First of all you will find many Proactiv ads claiming that they will work on acne during pregnancy.They just don’t.One of my friend tried it out and it didn’t work on her at all. In fact her doctor told her that it can leads to long term side effect so just stay away from it .

2) Clinique claims to  be good in pregnancy but I got Clinique Clarifying lotion clarifinate 2 for myself and it was so full of alcohol that I almost felt sick.

3)I found lush products working for me. You can check out my post here . During pregnancy our skin tends to change due to hormonal changes. My skin got drier where as Zara’s skin went into the oily mode.You can buy Lush products as per your skin .If your skin is towards oily side then try out  Lush dark angels cleanser.It works pretty well on acne prone skin.

4)Focus on your diet and have dark green veggies, olive oil and strawberries.Mainly fruits which are full of antioxidants. With this, drink lots of water which I am sure you must be following.

5) You can use Cetaphil cleanser and  and moisturiser albeit  I think it will be little mild for your skin but if you combine it with lush products it will work out fine.

6)I also loved Avene Thermal spring water .It relaxes the skin and can be used in various ways.Also, you can use it on your baby afterwards to save her/him from rashes 🙂

7)You can apply toothpaste on your zits while going to bed. Considering you can not use many chemicals now.

8)Products containing Benzoyl Peroxide and Salacylic Acid  as ingredients should  be avoided.

For acne marks Forest essentials will be a good choice or may be some one else from the baby blog  can help you out in this regard as  I don’t have much idea about it.


Can anyone help Preetha with her Acne problem in pregnancy ?


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  1. I had the same problem during my pregnancy and frankly both Lush and Clinique were (and still are) way out of my budget. I simply stuck to drinking loads of water, lots of fruits (I lost appetite for everything but cold milk and fruits!), home made face packs with neem (since I had oily skin) and good old himalaya neem face wash. Dont use the OTC pimple creams available in the market as well as my doc forbade me from using them. By regular and religious use of these face packs my acne marks reduced and I was pimple free by the time I delivered! 🙂

    • Was yur doc ok with Himalaya face wash ?

      • Yes Himalaya face wash and pimple cream, she was fine. But she asked me to avoid anything with salicylic acid or even benzoyl peroxide. And absolutely no bleach or products containing bleach like ingredients.

        • When my hubby heard the doc the first thing he did was come home, rummage through my drawer and throw out my pimple creams and bleach. He also threw out the crocin and lomotil (so that I dont accidently take for pain or bad tummy which I suffered loads during pregnancy)!! :-/

  2. Navneet Thethi says:

    Superb Tips Ana,
    Congrats Preetha
    These tips r very useful for me too as me in my 4th month and having bad skin n bad hair days

  3. What r u using in skin care Navneet?

    • Navneet Thethi says:

      Nothing much specific, Iam using Tea tree products sometimes and Lakme clear pores range. I think its not working. n for hair Iam using Biotique anti dandruff shampoo n sometimes Sunsilk shine shampoo- the new one, n its not working too.
      Ya last sunday I applied mehndi mixed with curd and lemon, my hairs looking much better after it

  4. Thanks Ana for putting the query up..cant thanku enuf

  5. il def check lush as per ur suggestions Ana..i hope it other option left now

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